Enhance Your Breasts Naturally

Male Breast Augmentation

Transsexuals who want to enhance the shape and size of their breast most commonly rely on dangerous drugs and steroids. Most of the drugs such as steroids have lot of adverse effects. Visiting doctors and telling them medical history again and again is very embarrassing. Males who are male-to-female transsexuals, cross dressers, gender benders and female impersonators now don’t have to worry about their breast growth. All of them can have desirable shape and size of their breasts.

One of the popular types of breast augmentation is known as pectoral augmentation. This type of augmentation is opted by people who work hard on their pectoral muscles but do not get desired results. Pectoral augmentation gives a beautiful appearance to male chest and shoulders.

Male breast augmentation increases self confidence in transsexuals and help them to find their identity. The male breast augmentation have same procedure, risks and complications as female mammoplasty. Most important thing you need to do when you decide to go under male breast augmentation is to find a qualified plastic surgeon. Surgeon should understand your feelings and you should discuss your expectations and worries with him.

Various types of breast augmentation methods are used to give a new look to breast. The most common methods used are saline implantation and silicone gel shell implantation.

If you think that only women is using method of mammoplasty to enhance the shape and size of their breasts then you are wrong. There is growing number of males who are opting for male breast augmentation surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What options are there for male breast augmentation?
    Hormone therapy will lead to the growth of breast tissue; however, the hormones will have other effects as well. If a man gets breast implants, will the operation be able to make the breasts look natural without natural ‘extra’ breast tissue growth? Are there other treatments for natural looking breasts in men w/out the other feminizing effects of hormones or unnatural results from surgery?

    • ANSWER:
      i’m not sure what you want to happen with your body but i guess i should be consulting with a specialist, if you want to have breast implant try this: http://www.sp-cosmeticsurgery.net/thailand/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=14&Itemid=28
      Thailand is very popular with its very good and affordable cosmetic surgery packages!

      hope it helps!

    Why don’t they use the hormone treatments used on male to female transexuals for “normal” breast augmentation?
    I believe that the hormone injections male to female transexuals receive are estrogen injections. I have heard that these injections induce growth in breast tissue. I’m not sure. It would strike me that breast augmentation for a non transexual female via this route would have a more natural appearance.

    • ANSWER:
      Because it wouldn’t work.

      An XX woman who has completed puberty has all the breast development that oestrogen is going to provide.
      The oestrogen that transsexual women take (incidentally, it’s usually taken orally or transdermally, not by injection) is effectively the ONLY oestrogen we have in our bodies. It causes breast growth in exactly the same way (and at the same rate) as it does in XX girls at menarche; once pubertal breast development has completed, breast tissue is no longer sensitive enough to oestrogen to continue, other than the small fluctuations that occur with the menstrual cycle.

      But if it makes you feel any better; most transwomen develop small breasts, due to the pre-emptive effects of testosterone on the oestrogen receptors.
      For most of us, a ‘B’ cup is the best we can do; which is why (particularly in the US) many transwomen also have breast implants.

    To be consistent w/the terminology breast augmentation, shouldn’t male enhancement be called male augmentation?

    • ANSWER:
      I prefer schlong elonger.

    Question about breast augmentation surgery as a part of SRS?
    I am a biological male researching and planning my eventual sexual reassignment surgery to become physically female. I have nipples that are quite small, even for a male. During breast augmentation surgery, would/could something be done to increase their size for a more natural appearance?

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldnt concern yourself with nipple size, nipples vary in size with all females I’m sure there are many other things that are of greater concern. Also you may find that increasing the size of your breasts may cause your nipples to stretch and appear larger anyway.

    i’m a staright male and i’m interested in breast augmentation?
    i’m a staright male and i’m interested in breast augmentation, my girlfriend likes when i wear bras, i want to be bale to fill one out. what canshould i do
    i’m a staright male and i’m interested in breast augmentation, my girlfriend likes when i wear bras, i want to be able to fill one out. what canshould i do

    • ANSWER:
      If you want to have it done speak to a plastic surgeon however there aren’t many plastic surgeons that will perform the opperation if you do not plan to undergo gender realignment as well. There will also be some psychological testing as some people can react badly to finding sudden drastic changes to their body

    I am looking to get a breast augmentation?
    I am a male that is gay and really wishes that he was born a female. I am looking to to get a breast augmentation then if all works out a full change. Any thoughts of what to expect since there is a good chance this going to happen.

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like you’re really serious about this and have thought about it for some time. If this is what you truly want then go for it! Good luck too! I’d love to see some before and after pics! I’m glad you know what you want and you’re willing to do anything to get it :)

    What are the chances of small breasted women ever getting married if they don’t have a breast augmentation?
    Most small breasted girls end up with depression and find thereselves in male strip clubs never finding a mate unless they have a breast augmentation.

    Is there any documentation to support that some of the women without the breast augmentation end up having a boyfriend sometime in their life? Is there a percentage?

    Have you been drinking? Size doesn’t matter? What planet are you from?

    • ANSWER:
      Why tinker with perfection. I wouldn’t change a thing! Small breasts are incredibly sexy and satisfying to a lot of men – including me. Don’t waste your money and spoil perfection.

      To start with, According to BreastOptions,com, this is the average breast size breakdown for American women:

      AA cup: 2%
      A cup: 15%
      B cup: 44%
      C cup: 28%
      D cup: 10%
      DD cup: 1%

      As you can see, A-Cups are third out of the 6 sizes listed. It would hardly stand to reason that ladies with the third most common breast size will have problems getting married without breast augmentation surgery.

      Furthermore, there are many men (Myself included) who are much more attracted to ladies with smaller breasts than larger breasts. Just do a Yahoo Groups search to see that many men LOVE small-breasted women.

      Third, I believe that you might be the victim off high school peer pressure. In other words, most guys in high school feel pressured by their peers to claim that bigger breasts are better. In actuality, most men will appreciate a woman’s’ breasts regardless of size.

      Just as a man is not validated by his penis size, a woman is not validated by her breast size. What is most important is the personality and the way they treat and respect others.

      As you go through college, don’t be surprised to have more men taking interest in you for who you are. And if a man complements you on your looks and/or your incredibly sexy small breasts, please do not doubt them or put them down or discount their opinion – the fact is that many men do find small breasts VERY SEXY!

      Here are some pictures of very sexy celebrities with smaller breasts. Some of them are also married,

      Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) http://starophile.free.fr/wallpapers/sar…
      Calista Flockhart (Allie McBeal) http://hubpages.com/u/23095_f520.jpg
      Kristin Kreuk (Smallville – Lana Lang) http://static.flickr.com/12/19088282_e12…
      and Diane Farr (Numb3rs – Megan Reeves) http://www.superiorpics.com/wenn_album/Diane_Farr_-_Expecting_First_Child/diane_farr_001_090706.jpg

      As long as her inner beauty matches or exceeds her outer beauty – I will notice a small-breasted lady anytime!

      I wish you all the best!

    How do men honestly feel about women who have had breast implants?
    A 40-something professional male friend of mine found out that I have recently had breast augmentation surgery, and he blushed and giggled like a teenager! I actually felt embarrassed for him! By the way, they are not outrageous or huge. I just wanted my upper body to be in porportion to my lower body. My clothes fit so much better now, and my self esteem is quite higher.

    • ANSWER:
      The point you made in the last sentence should be of greater importance than the point of your question. It should not matter what men think about your “corrective” surgery. Generally, I am opposed to that particular procedure — but only because I prefer women with smaller breasts. Besides, it seems frivolous and vain to inject oneself with silicone, etc., because of some warped ideal of perfection as presented by Hollywood. Given the choice, I would have much preferred knowing your “before” than “after” body.

    breast augmentation surgery vs penis extenders and surgery.?
    something bugs me in society quite a bit… why is it that male enhancement procedures and surgeries are looked down upon while female breast augmentation is seen as normal and even supported??. aren’t they the same thing? why is it that men who want to enlarge their penises (to not feel insecure with demanding women) are seen as losers while the woman who goes from a b cup to a d cup is perfectly fine?? i posted a question here on yahoo and got called a loser by every single female when i asked if extenders worked.. i then checked up on a breast augmentation question and saw nothing but support from a girls towards the girl who wanted to do the procedure.. how hypocritical and narrow minded is that???

    another thing.. not that i own any sex toys, but why is it seen as sexy and adventurous for a woman to own a dildo while men who own sex toys are seen as pathetic failures? it just annoys me so much..

    ps..i have a girlfriend, a life..and my cock is 7 inches so suck on that in advance smart asses.
    silence sometimes speaks much louder than words…

    • ANSWER:
      Its just another one of society’s double standards. Much the same as when a woman enjoys sex and sleeps with several guys she is a slut, but when a man does it he is a stud.

      I for one am all for guys making their c ocks bigger! The bigger the better. Maybe I’ll start a campaign to rid the world of teeny weinies.

      Wait, they are good for anal……..hmmmm


    breast augmentation to female proportions for males?

    • ANSWER:
      Go back to your question and add more details.

    Why are there so many “male enhancement” pills but still no miracle pill to enlarge breasts?
    Seriously. The breast enhancement pills and creams have never worked for women. What happened? Now there’s hundreds of pills for male enhancement, and Viagra is even covered by insurance! Classified as a “medical dysfuntion.” Isn’t it just typical? If this were a man’s problem, breast augmentations would become medically covered under every health insurance plan. Double standards are alive and well. Thoughts anyone?

    • ANSWER:
      Wow, I never thought of that before. Good question! lol. I toataly agree with you.

    Transgender,bi,lesbian. sorry,forgot to add the links to my question.’should i get my breast enlarged?’ .
    sorry about that,
    A few people asked me to add a link to my pictures.This breast development is through hormone therapy.I’m transgendered and my good friend is trying to convince me i don’t need a breast augmentation.She has posted current pics of me on breast news magazine etc.She wanted feed back on what they look like now and how they look big enough,she thinks a breast enlargement will make them look unnatural.
    I’m over it though,i just want them a little larger..is that so bad?
    Let me know what your thoughts are then she might agree to disagree.Thanks,Jayme.
    These are the web pages she put me on.Not to happy about it!
    www.breastnewsmagazine.com /category/male- breast-enhancement /
    www.breastenhancepill.com /transfemme- customer-photos. html

    Thats .com after breastnewsmagazine.

    • ANSWER:
      just in a general way, I think a person should be happy with their body, so if you want them bigger, then that’s what you want. and since it harms no one, I can’t see any real good reason why you shouldn’t. At the very worst case, you can get a breast reduction if they turn out to be too big later. Even bio-women have to get those sometimes if they grow too big.

      Just one thought though before you do get them enlarged. It’s easy to get focused on a goal, and it’s hard to evaluate yourself objectively. It’s so easy when you want them to be big in the first place, to just keep wanting them bigger. And looking down your chest is such an awkward angle to see very accurately. So here’s what I suggest to be really sure it’s what you really want. 1, take pictures of yourself from the side angle, from the front, and not just looking down at them. Use a mirror is you have to (but watch the flash!). Do some clothed in a couple different styles, and do some naked. That’ll give you better angles to look at their actual size now. Also try padding or adding cookies (bra stuffers) to approximate the size you’re thinking of getting them enlarged to. Then take photos of that from the side and from the front (clothed in the same styles and unclothed). Then you can compare them and see which feels and looks more like you, and what you exactly want. Even try it stuffed for a day, and see how it feels to you just in every day. Good luck!

    Why is it okay to show male nipples but not female nipples?
    In the US, you can show every part of the female breast, as long as the nipple is covered. But for men, you can show the entire breast. Why the double standard?
    Do you think that if the US was more open about this, then the number of breast augmentation surgeries would drop?

    • ANSWER:
      There was a few cases in which american judges ruled that anywhere a man can go topless a woman can go topless as well. I know that the NY supreme court has supported this.

      It really is simple discrimination.

      i don’t know if it would have any direct affect on the rates of breast augmentation surgery though.

    what to think about breast augmentation?
    I’ve always been self-concious of the size of my breasts, because most of the women I know and my friends have grown to be larger than me (I’m 22)… when I was heavier my breasts were a very full B, and I was pretty happy with that, but I felt horrible about being slightly overweight. I’ve now lost about 20 lbs (I’m now 5’8” and 140 lbs which is almost perfect for my stature). and my boobs have also lost their volume so I’m about to have to go by smaller bras. I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years and he says he “loves” my boobs and doesn’t want me to get any surgery…. but he also said in the beggining of our relationship taht his theory on boobs was “the bigger the better,” and he has said other girls are unattractive for being flat-chested. I’m not completely flat, but I guess I’m confused…. I want to make myself feel better but not if that means my boyfriend will hate what I’ve done, because I love him. Telling me “the bigger the better,” and then telling me that surgery is superficial and that I’m too caught up in my image is like two ends of the spectrum. Should I just do it and not care what he thinks? I feel like it’s important to have his support. Let me know, I would like the male perspective on this especially. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      If you want bigger boobs than do it for yourself not for what he may think because he’ll probably end up loving them… i had a breast augmentation a little over a year ago and i absolutely love them and so does my boyfriend!! i wouldn’t change it for anything! i definitely have more confidence now and i feel better about myself and that’s all that really matters!!

    How to differentiate between a shemale and a true women?
    One of my friends working in Thailand 6 years ago as a manager. While he was working there he meets a girl that is beautiful and meets his requirement. The girl is from Thailand. After 2 years in a relationship they decided to get married. So they took a blood test to test for any diseases such as (STD) sexual transmitted diseases, HIV, or Hepatitis. When the result were out it turn out to be that the women is actually a man that has gone a surgery to hormone replacement therapy and/or through breast augmentation , Sex reassignment surgery male-to-female, Hair removal, Facial Feminization Surgery and other surgical procedure . Have you or your friends ever encountered such crisis

    • ANSWER:
      Ewww god. “Crisis” is the right way to put it. What a bunch of gross shit – and even worse – the former woman didn’t say anything about it.

    Debate on teen plastic surgery… are these arguments any good?
    I have a debate soon. The topic is “Teen Plastic Surgery is ethical”. I have two arguments for and two arguments against… I’m not sure which side I”ll be, so I have to be prepared for both. Are they any good?Do you have any suggestions and advice to make these better? Would these arguments be effective in changing your opinion? Are there any obvious rebuttals, that I’m missing? And I’m curious, because the winner of the coin toss gets to choose the sides, what side would you pick?

    -Braces, like plastic surgery, are extremely painful, costly, inhibitory and potentially risky procedures used to enhance the cosmetic appearance of one’s teeth. Parents and dentists often force children to have braces, because of society’s acceptance of braces and the social stigma attached to crooked teeth. On this note, should society and parents also encourage other methods of cosmetic enhancement in teenager’s youth in order to avoid the social stigma of being unattractive.

    -Many plastic surgeons argue that cosmetic surgery can enhance teenager’s success and self esteem. Many teenagers are bullied about specific traits and grow to become extremely self conscious due to these tauntings. While bullying is not acceptable and should be dealt with, it could be avoided through cosmetic enhancement. Furthermore, studies have shown that attractive people have more overall self esteem, happiness, and success in the workplace and romantic world.

    - The face is not completely developed until the ages of 13-14 in females, and 16-17 in males. Breast augmentation in females may be counterproductive as they are not fully grown until the age of 16. The nose continues to form until age 16. Experts suggest that facial traits should not be touched until the 90% mark in their formation process. However, because everyone physically matures at their own rate it is nearly impossible to pin point full growth, leaving room for error and blotched results.
    I’ve written the following arguments for my upcoming debate. The topic is plastic surgery. Are these arguments any good? Do you have any suggestions, or advice? Can you think of any obvious rebuttal? I’m not sure what side I’ll get placed on so I have to be prepared for both…

    - Many parents convince their teenagers into plastic surgery, and studies have shown if it is not the patients true wishes, plastic surgery could cause more psychological harm than good. Often patients, feel regret and self esteem issues afterwards.

    • ANSWER:
      Showing how the prices are high for plastic surgery can be a good argument. You can check the prices here:


    What happens in gender-changing operations?
    I’m interested in knowing about (not having) operations that change one’s form from male to female and female to male.
    I know about hormone treatments and breast augmentation/ reductions, but what happens to the genital area? Are the new genitals patients recieve fuly functional and receptive to stimulation/ sensitive?

    I’ve just always wondered I don’t want this myself.


    • ANSWER:
      they hack off the penis, and take a drillbit to make a hole

      or use play dough to make a penis

    Do you think a male Dr. would do a better boob job than a female Dr.?
    I am looking to get a breast augmentation, and am just curious.. should i pick a male or female plastic surgeon? Would a male do a better job because he likes looking a boobs? Or would a woman, because she has boobs herself… What are your experiences and thoughts?
    FYI I am not trying to be shallow and I know that my final decision will be based on the dr’s qualifications, etc. I am just wanting peoples perspective, if both Dr’s are equal in quals and all that. =)

    • ANSWER:
      i would think a man would do a better job if you want those fake looking dream boobs. & a female would give you a more natural looking normal boob.

      but then again, i think the docs will give you what you ask for & do what they are trained on doing …
      just like a piercing or tattoo .. they give you what you ask for whether it’s how they like it or not.

      but in my opinion, you shuoldn’t have it done at all & be happy with who you are. =]

    Breast Enlargement Idea ~I’d like some feedback~?
    PLEASE READ, THIS IS VERY BENEFICIAL. I’ve spent hours upon hours reading different ways to increase breast size.
    The pills are worth hundreds of dollars, with only a slight chance of working, why would you do that? Also with breast enhancement pills, there are other ingredients in those pills the manufacture isn’t making completely known, only after doing research on different pills have I found out what is in them. Some have little bits of harmful ingredients while others are completely filled. Some are made all natural, but still have that little hint of danger, and still, are all expensive.
    Breast Augmentation is something completely different. Costing a range anywhere from 00-,000. Going under the knife, leaves scars and sometimes unevenness. Would you really waste 00 on lopsided breasts? Good idea for some, not so for others. Either not having the money, or the dangers involved. They do say breast augmentation has gotten safer over the years, but still, there is ALWAYS a danger with any type of surgery.
    Between the pill and the surgery, I’ve considered one, then the other, then back to one. I’m unhappy with the size of my breasts, and I always have. I can easily have the money for surgery, but don’t want the scars, I’m not wasting money on pills that can damage my health and have no affect on my bust.
    So, sitting and reading on what affects breast and their growth, I’ve read a few good things.
    -Estrogen is a hormone that comprises a group of compounds, including Astron, Estrada and Estrella. It is the main sex hormone in women and is essential to the menstrual cycle. Although estrogen exists in men as well as women, it is found in higher amounts in women, especially those capable of reproducing. Anyways, when you’re pregnant your estrogen levels rise, and well, your breast are noticeably larger. After reading and confirming, estrogen is the main hormone connected with breast growth. If you want larger breasts, here’s what you can do:
    Start eating different foods that have a higher level of estrogen. Apples, Cherries, Grapes, Tomatoes, and Pomegranates all have a good amount of estrogen. Apples especially. Alfalfa has high traces of phytoestrogens which is called dietary estrogens. Which means it acts like estrogen. Soy is also very high in estrogen, but a warning, soy extracts are BAD for you. If you are going to eat soy, cook your own soy, no soy extracts. Protein laden foods such as: fresh milk, fish, soy products, nuts and seafood, are also said to increase bust. Very last, flaxseed oil! Flaxseed oil is high in fatty acids and omega 3, 6+9. Very good to take for breast enhancement. And if in the end you don’t see you bust grow, flaxseed oil capsules also:
    Lower cholesterol, protect against heart disease and control high blood pressure, Counter inflammation associated with gout, lupus and fibrocystic breasts, Control constipation, haemorrhoids, diverticular disorders and gallstones, Treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn and rosacea, Promote healthy hair and nails, Minimise nerve damage that causes numbness and tingling as well as other disorders, Reduce cancer risk and guard against the effects of ageing, Treat menopausal symptoms, menstrual cramps, female infertility and endometriosis, Fight prostate problems, male infertility and impotence.
    All the food I’ve listed are healthy, and are not harmful to your health. Also, if you plan to change your diet, as with any diet do not do it in an extreme way. Slowly work the different foods into your already existing diet, this is best for you and your body.

    • ANSWER:
      I think that’s great advice. You did a great job with the research, information and such.

    How common are breast implants?
    I counted in my head the other day and 3 (out of 40 people about half female) of woman at the office I work for have personally admitted to breast augmentation. Is my office the exception or are breasts implants far more common than I think? The women range anywhere from late 20s to early 40s

    I don’t want this to turn into “fakes are gross/great” debate I’m just wondering if other people have experiences with this at work and they think its as odd as me. All the women brought it up without any prompting. I could care less about the women I work with breasts and actually would PREFER not to even go near conversations like that with female coworkers.

    And no they were not hitting on me.

    I also work in sales does that have anything to do with it? They think if they have bigger boobs, their male clients will buy from them?

    • ANSWER:
      Why do people always think that when someone gets breast implants, its automatically DD, huge fake, freekish looking things. Most women get implants to look NORMAL, not like a porn star. And its not being brainwashed, its being and looking proprotional, so when you buy a dress, suit, bathing suit, etc. both the top and bottom portions fit properly. Breast implants have come a long way, have fewer side effects and problems, are more accessable and affordable, so more women can opt to have them. It is also more acceptable, as the more women get them, so it is less taboo. Therefore, people in all professions will see more and more women with them. I am so sick of reading some of these answers like AW, with people being so judgemental and ignorant.

    Guys. This could happen to you if you do not properly differentiate between a Female and a Shemale ?
    One of my friends working in Thailand 6 years ago as a manager. While he was working there he meets a girl that is beautiful and meets his requirement. The girl is from Thailand. After 2 years in a relationship they decided to get married. So they took a blood test to test for any diseases such as (STD) sexual transmitted diseases, HIV, or Hepatitis. When the result were out it turn out to be that the women is actually a man that has gone a surgery to hormone replacement therapy and/or through breast augmentation , Sex reassignment surgery male-to-female, Hair removal, Facial Feminization Surgery and other surgical procedure . Have you or your friends ever encountered such crisis

    • ANSWER:
      nope, damn that would really, really suck.

    Breast implants and soceital concerns?
    As a male I am against breast implants due to four moral and societal issues. First, and most important, getting breast implants locate female worth to breast size and image. I feel female worth is much more ubiquitous than breast size and being viewed as sex objects. Second, I think it sends a societal message that women with smaller breasts are “less than.” Third, it creates power and conflict between both women to women and women to men. Fourth, I think that as more women get larger breasts via implants, that a societal reversal will occur in which more women will want men to have larger penises and penis augmentation will become mainstream – thus rendering men as sexual objects.

    Furthermore, the rationale that many women make for getting breast implants is that they are doing it for themselves – societal perspective taking seem scant.

    The question I would like answered is have women (or men in supporting roles) struggled with moral/societal issues in relation to breasts implants and how have they dealt with it (e.g., caved in and got breast implants, resisted the notion, challenged and justified values, etc.).

    • ANSWER:
      good question. I am very small on top and always wondered what it would be like to have bigger breasts. guess what-when i had my daughter i did get bigger breasts, because of the milk, and i noticed people were looking down at them all the time. i liked the way they looked and was amazed by the attention. anyway, once i stopped breast feeding they went down in size.

      As far as breast implants-these are my thoughts

      1. i will never get them, because i am a content person.
      2. there is no benefit to me as i am not in Hollywood, a stripper and i don’t feel the pressure to like some people
      3. the problem with breast implants is that it makes people suspicious of women who actually have there real ample breasts.

      That’s my take on it.

    Please help me to differentiate between female and shemale. ??? Read the additional detail first?
    One of my friends working in Thailand 6 years ago as a manager. While he was working there he meets a girl that is beautiful and meets his requirement. The girl is from Thailand. After 2 years in a relationship they decided to get married. So they took a blood test to test for any diseases such as (STD) sexual transmitted diseases, HIV, or Hepatitis. When the result were out it turn out to be that the women is actually a man that has gone a surgery to hormone replacement therapy and/or through breast augmentation , Sex reassignment surgery male-to-female, Hair removal, Facial Feminization Surgery and other surgical procedure . Have you or your friends ever encountered such crisis

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like your friend hooked up with a transexual. Here a shemale is a person who might have had breast augmentation or hormone treatment but still has the male bits downstairs.

    Spiritually speaking, why do transsexuals have to undergo psychological consultation and approval before…?
    …reassignment surgery? Shouldn’t the SRS candidate know their self whether or not they want one or not? Why isn’t the GLBT community opposed of these requirements, requirements that questions a SRS candidates motives?



    From the site:
    “In order to ensure the SRS candidate is fully aware that some irreversible changes will occur even with hormone therapy alone, and that often difficult psychological changes will be experienced, initiation of psychological counseling is highly recommended beginning six months prior to the initiation of hormone therapy and continuing through the entire SRS process.”

    “Most surgeons who perform SRS have very strict requirements and protocols. For example, many surgeons require two legitimate psychiatric evaluations from either psychiatrists or psychologists recognized or licenses in the field of gender identity. These evaluations must state that the individual is an appropriate candidate for SRS or, indeed, even for breast augmentation (if from male-to-female). One surgeon from Wisconsin is hesitant to even schedule a consultation to discuss the procedure unless the candidate has had at least nine months of counseling and psychiatric evaluation. Under some protocols, the candidate is required to meet eligibility criteria for sexual reassignment as listed in the DSM IV, ICD 10. Even then, the surgeon retains the right to have the final consultation with the candidate the day prior to surgery. Ensuring the candidate is absolutely certain about their choice is critical, for once the surgery has been performed, it is totally irreversible.”

    Why should the final say be in the hands of the surgeon and not the candidate?

    So what of the people who don’t pass approval? Are they told that they are not transsexual or not ready to be one yet? If that was the case then doesn’t that mean that it is an applied or desired need?
    Rant huh?
    So why would they change their minds? It is not a choice…right…..RIGHT????
    So you are calling them crazy, even I didn’t make that connection. Interesting.
    Okay so where does choice come into all of this? If people are born that way, then what right does anybody have to question their motives?
    What repurcussions? They wanted to be the opposite sex, that makes no sense.

    • ANSWER:
      This is a rant, and this is not the right category. It is very appropriate to make people wait for a year before a decision like that. Some do change their minds even after amount of time. Sorry, but you need some psychological help.

    A57 yr old male acquaintance was having dinner with me and started telling me about his son’s GF 4,000 dollar ?
    each breast augmentations and hair extensions. I was trying to dev a relationship but this really bothered me.It has been several months and he said he was trying to make a joke and son was making fun. But the son and this GF are now moving in. Would this bug you too. I found it hard to resolve.
    I was concerned on HIS focus on his 25 yr old sons GF ‘s Breast augmentation and why I needed the details.I was thinking of different dinner conversation focus. I dont think my concern is so hard to get!
    I did micategorize this. I was just taken aback by this and wanted others opinions.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, Clam Cake

      I used to think people were stupid too, until, FINALLY, I realized the problem was me, not them. Three people have suggested your concern is not clear, especially since you posted in the “Weddings” category. If just one didn’t get it, that one had a problem. Since three people didn’t get it, you confused people. Even though YOU thought your question was clear, it wasn’t.

      So – if you are marrying the fellow, just give him a hint before the reception that breast surgery is not an appropriate topic.

      If your fingers were flying so fast they were a blur, and you posted this in the wrong category, by mistake (people do that all the time), my best guess is you wonder if you should continue to try to develop a relation with the man whose grown son and GF are moving in with him.

      If he had met someone who had sailed around the world, or someone who had just finished the world’s biggest crossword puzzle, or someone who had climbed Mt. Everest, or won first place in a national pickle eating contest; and if his ordinary life was dull, he might well tell you about the other person. Getting ,000 worth of breast implants is rare and unusual.

      You might give him at least one more chance. He may have hidden charms. If you decide to, I’d suggest you give him his chance in a restaurant, not your home, too; he may be a colossal bore or a few bricks shy of a load.

    Should girls go for implants if they think their breasts are too small?
    More than one million women in the US have breast augmentation. Implants are becoming safer.

    Everyone knows that a definite cleavage is a major plus in attracting men, and everyone from Angelina Jolie to the stars of ‘Friends’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’ have them. Should girls give themselves a major uplift in the male attraction
    stakes? Or is it just a capitulation to male fantasies?

    • ANSWER:
      They should do what pleases them and makes THEM happy, only AFTER thoroughly researching the literature out there regarding their safety. My consensus is that they are not safe in the long run and cause more problems than they are worth so I would AVOID them. Women thinking to avoid silicone by opting for saline filled implants should be aware that the shell is still made of silicone and can “shed”.
      There are literally thousands of sites that discuss this issue, both pro and con ,and a wise woman would look at both sides before deciding. Here is a recent article. Something to consider for the “long term”!


    If a woman shows cleavage is it socially appropriate to look without staring? Is it an insult not to look?
    What is a guy to do in the era of plunging necklines, push up bras, tight tops, nipples poking through, breast augmentations, etc.? With chests on displa like this it’s impossible for any normal, well adjusted male not to notice or look. Not talking about staring, ogling, leering, drooling.

    • ANSWER:
      It’s Okay to look . but don’t linger

    LGBT community I need some advice cause I don’t know the answers?
    So let me start off by first saying for the record I am gay and have been publicly out since I was 16 now 2 to 3 months ago I met a guy online actually. We started talking and due to me having a feminine face he like others automatically assume that I am tg or ts or somehow gonna start the process.. So we started talking about all that and I gave him my revues and so on. He than stated that he knew that he never wanted to get rid of his penis but he did want breast and to maybe be recognized as a female… Now when he stated maybe I than quickly told him that he needed to start therapy with a dr. and discuss these terms and decision that will ultimately affect the rest of his life.. But than he asked me if someone being male can just go and have breast augmentation done.. I told him I had no clue, He said he would like to have some surgeries done like hair removal brow bone smoothing ( i don’t know Technical terms) and other various surgeries to take the male part of him away but without doing hormone treatments due to it affecting the penis… Now I have no clue about many of these things.. I told him over and over he need to see a shrink but he is hard headed.. My ?? is can someone being male just go and have breast done without a therapist approval… Or do they have to go through a phsyc. test and all that… Just curious.. hope this was enough info… I always get told to give more info.. SO there ya go.. thanks LGBT community

    • ANSWER:
      I agree with you, this person needs to see a gender therapist:


      I’m not sure if they are a transsexual in denial or just a cross-dresser acting out a fantasy, but the therapist should be able to figure it out.

    Survey: Would you date a MTF transsexual?
    MTF (Male-to-Female) transsexuals are people who were born biologically male but have or will become female by undergoing procedures such as gender reassignment surgery, breast augmentation, laser hair removal, and hormone replacement therapy.

    Would you ever consider dating one of these individuals?

    Please include your gender and sexual orientation, as well as yes/no/maybe.

    For Example: “Male – Straight – Yes”

    Thank you in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      Female – Straight – No I wouldn’t, I am not a lesbian.

    Beautiful girl likes me but she is really a transsexual, what should I do?
    There has been a girl at work I have been crazy about.. She is so beautiful, has amazing blonde hair, a beautiful body and dresses in sexy smart business wear.

    I bumped into her in a night club and we got talking then dancing and were about to kiss when she ran off.

    Her friend came over to explain. She did not want to lead me on because the girl I have fallen for is a pre-op transsexual (basically she has had a breast augmentation and facial surgery but is keeping her male bits)

    I really cannot believe she was not born a girl she is so beautiful, I have fallen for her in a big way. I also am glad the chat I had with her friend she explained everything to me and how she did not want to trick me.

    I fancy her so much and appriciate the way she has handled it but she is a pre-op transsexual and according to her friend has a enjoyable sex life with boyfriends.

    I don’t know what to do – I am in love with a transsexual. Should I ask her out? What about the sex life?
    I hope not to offend any transsexuals and appologise if I have used the wrong words.

    I just can’t decide what to do I like her so much but never considered a realationship with a pre-op transsexual.

    The only friend I have spoken to says it is gay but she still is a beautiful girl that I an attracted to – please help
    Some people are saying wait for her to have her sex change op. She is going to remain a pre-op – will this be an issue?

    • ANSWER:
      If you’re that smitten with her, ask her out. Date her for a while; you don’t have to be thinking about sex from the outset.
      When, or if, your relationship progresses to the point where sex becomes an option, talk to her about it; ask her what she likes sexually, tell her what you like, and experiment; there’s MUCH more to sex than penis/vagina intercourse.
      And please, don’t take any notice of those uninformed people who will insist that she’s ‘really a man’ and therefore you ‘must be gay’; if she’s a transsexual woman (regardless of surgery), neither of these are true.

    Transsexual or shemale?
    The girl I have fallen for was born in a male body. She is probably the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, she is the last person you would imagine was a guy. She has had breast augmentation, facial surgery but fully intends to keep her “male bits” and she seeks a very active sex life as she is.

    I am new to the transgendered world.. is she a girl/a transsexual/shemale/ladyboy or other

    • ANSWER:
      “she” is male

    what are the right/legal/safe/true/correct steps to take if one is to transition into to a transexual/shemale?
    i wanna know cuz i’ve been thinking about transitioning but don’t know what steps i should take. i’ve been doing research on how to do it myself but now i wanna know how to do it with the help of a professional. i know it takes longer that way but perhaps it might me safer. all i want is to look as feminine as possible and get breast augmentation if i need it to but keep my male functionality intact. is it more expensive if i seek professional help? i read online [http://www.wikihow.com/Be-a-Shemale] that one must not go on hormones for more than 6 months or erectile issues will occur..true? also, i’ve found out u go on hormones for life but how if it will make my member nonfunctional? i’m 22 btw and i would like to know what is the correct process for this.thanks!!!!

    • ANSWER:

    I am a 16 yrs old indian boy living in ranchi. I want to have sex change to become the female i wish to. How m?
    How much does it cost(HRT, Breast augmentation,vaginoplasty and some FFS).And the best place for male to female sex change.i have planned to undergo sex change in 2017. When i will be 22. I know my family will be not with me but i dont care. They don’t know about my wish but, my mother had caught me several times wearing her clothes. Please help me Also some supporting groups. All the answers are welcome , thanks you can also reply to me to my email id:- ishitanjli94313kumari@yahoo.com

    • ANSWER:
      Ignore the other answer.

      If you’re in India, all I can do is offer the following link:


      Transition is possible in India, but it will be difficult.

      Good Luck!

    What can I expect on my road to becoming a woman?
    The short version of my life is I always did not fit in and ever since I was about 4 dreamed of being a girl. I finally decided enough was enough and have booked an appointment at a gender clinic. I know this is a formality as I am a woman burstng to get out.

    My question is a know it is a difficult road between her and becoming a full woman. What can I expect? When will hormones start to ake effect, what differences will I notice? When will I dress full time? When should I consider FFS and breast augmentation? How long until I finally get rid of the horrible male growth I hate? When can I start to look for a male partner?

    I am so nervous but there is no option I have to do this

    • ANSWER:
      Good luck on your transition. If you use the links that Diane and Radgal, have provided you, you will be off to a good start.

      Woman Born Transsexual Now Cisgendered

    Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery For MtF ($)?
    So I’m sure there are some transgenders out there who have had a there fair share of this. I’m wanting to know, with out insurance for the surgeries, how much is it for:

    1.) SRS
    2.) Facial Feminization Surgery
    3.) Tummy tuck? (I’m average for a male, but not for a female)
    4.) last but not least, possible breast augmentation

    I know these prices differ surgeon to surgeon as well as personal experiences, but a generalization would be nice.
    Thanks Lois Griffin for the link, according to the link SRS runs about -18US, but as stated there appears to be a lot of ways around that.
    I call myself male and go by Mr.B because family members who I have yet to come out to (who call me Mr.B) have this email, but good question.

    I actually have very good insurance that pays for all therapy, speech, doctors visits, and most everything but detail and vision (witch I choose to use another provider).

    My brother thankfully is a lawyer, so that covers some legal cost (Texas is very picky about getting a name change, and and changing Birth Certificate, and wants detailed documentation of the surgery along with the letters from your therapist i believe)

    • ANSWER:
      First of all it is NOT cosmetic surgery. The following paragraph is from ther Benjamin Standards of Care, please read it carefully!

      “Sex Reassignment is Effective and Medically Indicated in Severe GID. In persons diagnosed with transsexualism or profound GID, sex reassignment surgery, along with hormone therapy and real-life experience, is a treatment that has proven to be effective. Such a therapeutic regimen, when prescribed or recommended by qualified practitioners, is medically indicated and medically necessary. Sex reassignment is not “experimental,” “investigational,” “elective,” “cosmetic,” or optional in any meaningful sense. It constitutes very effective and appropriate treatment for transsexualism or profound GID.”

      Clear enough?

      1. SRS. Depends on the doctor you see and where. North American surgeons run -26K. Thai surgeons roughly half that. My surgery was a couple years ago and Dr Bowers fee was ,500 at the time.


      2. FFS. Not only does it depends on who you see, but what you need. Not everyone gets the same procedures done. In general FFS can run -40K. Mine with Dr Ousterhout was about 36K.

      3. Tummy tuck: Have no idea, I’ve never had a the need for one.

      4. BAS (Breast augmentation surgery). Again it varies depending on who you see, where you have it done and the type of implant used. Dr Bowers did mine at the same time as I had my SRS and the fee was 00 I believe.

      Very, very few insurance companies cover our care. It’s called discrimination. The AMA passed Resolution 122 last year calling on the insurance industry to do away with it’s exclusions regarding our treatment and to start covering us.

      Lastly, your list only covers surgery. There are many other costs involved with transition.

      Facial hair removal. Electrolysis runs -70/hr and most require between 150 and 300 hours worth. Laser is a little cheaper, but isn’t usually 100% effective, you usually need some electro to finish up.

      Therapy. A good gender therapist runs 0-150/hr.


      Legal costs. Name change, driver’s license, birth certificate etc.

      Voice. It takes thousands of hour of practice to re-train your voice. Although it’s usually free, some people have to resort to hiring a speech therapist.

      HRT and endocrinologists both cost money. HRT doesn’t have to be expensive, you just have to shop around. Doctors visits and lab work are expensive and usually not covered by insurance.

      In addition there are many hidden costs of transition:

      Spouse divorces you. You may never see your children again.

      Family and friends desert you.

      Employers commonly fire you when you come out.

      Housing discrimination.

      Churches may expel/excommunicate you.

      And more.

      That’s a general list of costs.

      Desirex: You are wrong. SRS is paid for by several provinces in Canada and will eventually be covered by all.

      edit: If you’re a transsexual woman….. why do you call yourself male and why is your screen name “Mr. B”?

      According to this question:


      You’re 16 and possibly self-medicating. Unless your parents are supportive none of this treatment can begin until you’re 18. And, as those folks who answered that question warned, self-medicating is dangerous.

      edit: If your brother the lawyer needs help contact:


      Phyllis is VERY experienced in handling our needs in Texas.

      Desirex: SRS is NOT cosmetic. Read the paragraph above from the Standards of Care. Also Ontario has moved to re-list SRS as a covered procedure. The problem for trans folks is it’s through CAMH (formerly known as the Clark).

    can anyone tell me what this dream means?
    ok the dream is im in this car driving through this long tunnel talking to my gay uncle and half way through the tunnel we stop and get out. well there are two doctors and my mother standing there(one female one male doctor) they are arguing my mother and the male dr againts the female doctor and now my uncle they are arguing about some kind of change that not clear to me until the female dr turns to me and asks me if im happy being a guy and then i remember what they were arguing about. my sex change(never had one) they were arguing about breast augmentation and srs and all kinds of stuff such as my mom and male dr were against it but my uncle and female dr were for it when she asked me i didnt reply i just looked down and started crying and when i woke up instead of sweant on my head there were tears in my eyes and i never cry so my question is what do you think this means. if resolved send email answer and ill answer youre last question same if you answer normally

    • ANSWER:
      I agree that a dream is just that, a dream. It may reflect some of the stress going on in your life. My guess is that you are curious about being a girl, wondering about what a sex change would be like and see male doctors as wanting you to stay your current genetic sex, whereas a female doctor would be more open to you changing your sex. Your uncle, being gay, is more open to the idea of a sex change while your mom is very opposed to the entire idea of a boy wanting to be a girl.

      That’s one take on it. The other might be that you are viewing your concerns as a long trip, filled with conflicting advice and you are seeing different camps setting up the battlelines and wondering if you have any say in any of this or if it is all preordianed and you just following through, a player in a some cosmic soap opera.

      Reality check. Being a crossdresser is a life long question. Am I a pervert? Am I weird? Am I doomed to getting a sex change? What Am I? Many crossdressers have dreams or even fantasies about getting a sex change and really being a woman. Sometimes they may go so far as dreaming about a man, getting married, etc. But reality means looking at decisions that you might make that would be really far reaching and deciding if they are right for you. Crossdressing can mean dressing the part and feeling feminine, knowing that it’;s as much a part of you as who you are geneticlly. There is comfort in knowing that your body is yours and you can go home again. SRS is permenant, you are on drugs (hormones) for the rest of your life and you can’t give it up and say I want to go back. CD’ers always dream and fantasize, SRS live the dream but also accept the drawbacks that go from living that dream. Remember that dreams are just that, a mirror for what is occupying the 90% of our brains we are not using!

    Censorship on TV?
    Can somebody please explain to me why certain things are censored and others are not. For example, on medical shows, in particular plastic surgery shows, during a breast augmentation operation the nipples of the breast are blacked out yet they show liposuction where fat is sucked out which I think is more offensive. They show births of babies but nipples are blocked out, yet they show mothers nursing. Men’s nipples and butts are shown all the time. And male frontal nudity in movies is almost never seen.

    I remember back in the 1960s when my mother wanted to start a campaign to get bra commercials off TV when they first appeared. And they weren’t even on real people–they were on mannequins.

    And language on TV has gotten more and more explicit. I have heard every curse word on the planet. I try not to use them (except when I stub my toe and I can’t help it) but why are some curse words used and others aren’t? Who are these censorship people and why don’t they ask me what I think?

    • ANSWER:
      I hope you’re sitting down, because answering this seriously is going to take a while.

      There are always going to be people who think they know what’s best for you (because, in their minds, you don’t know what’s best for yourself). These people, whether politicians, clergymen, your teachers, all think they know more about you than you do yourself.
      The thing to remember, is EVERY ONE of these people are scared. They’re terrified. They live in mortal fear, that seeing a bare female breast or a flash of pubic hair will turn the youth of America into slobbering, rutting sex maniacs. They’re terrified of the notion that there are huge, rolling orgies out there, and sometimes it’s anger, because deep down, they’re pissed they weren’t invited.
      It kinda works this way: Some old fart who hasn’t had sex in decades sees two people on TV, obviously in love (or lust), kissing, fondling each other, whatever. He’s not getting anything close to that kind of action, so he doesn’t want to see it on his TV (kinda like rubbing it in, making fun of him), so he judges it to be bad and something so bad should not be allowed on TV. Other people out there are just either too scared or too scarred by sex to enjoy it. If they cant enjoy intimacy, why should anyone else be allowed to? So they get together, deplore the state of things and start writing letters to their elected representatives, complaining about how the ‘loose morals’ on TV are going to “corrupt the nation’s youth”.

      Politicians are terrified because their whole livelihood is about getting re-elected, so they can keep their jobs. They listen to these morons trying to pas judgement on everyone else. To shut these people up, they pass laws which make it illegal to show a bare breast, or male sexual organs, or to use “foul” language on TV, so as not to corrupt all the little kiddies who may be watching.

      And parents are terrified as well, because they see their children being raised by teachers they’re never met, nannies they don’t truly know, and TV which they either are too busy to, or won’t, control. They can’t take their kids out of school, they don’t have time to do proper background checks on babysitters or nannies, but HEY! They can whine about TV, movies and advertising and feel as though they’re accomplishing something, as though they’re looking out for the children they’re too busy to properly raise themselves. It can’t be THEIR fault their children are delinquents, they wrote a letter to a TV network once.

      Even politicians who DON’T get these letters, use the public’s fear of youth and sex to get votes. Why is it we only hear about (in the US anyway) “American Family Values” from our politicians when there’s another election coming up? This is called RHETORIC (words which have different meaning to different people, so in essense, words which mean nothing at all). Playing on people’s fear to get elected is MUCH safer than telling them the truth: They are scared, weak people who will do anything to deflect the blame for their kids from themselves, rather than grow up and FACE up to their responsibilities.
      The government created the Federal Communications Commission, in order to regulate TV, free radio etc, because of all this fear. Fear of sex, fear the public’s children were getting away from them, fear of how powerful and pervasive TV had become. They left it up to the FCC to determine what is to be allowed on publicly-owned airwaves and what is forbidden. The FCC set up guidelines to follow and a system of fines for violations of the guidelines and have been enforcing them (with varying degrees of success) ever since.

      However, TV can wait. It lays low, and once in a while, pushes the boundaries, just to see what the public’s attitude is like. After 20 years of “Ozzie and Harriet” we couldnt WAIT for “Roseanne” to show up. If one little push is accepted by both the public and the FCC, then more follow. Before you know it, there are a lot of little staitons out there, ALL pushing the limits in their own ways. The FCC has let stuff go before, for years sometimes, but all it takes is for someone to whine about how gross Howard Stern is, for the FCC to decide, ok, its time to crack down again. This has happened several times over the years.

      The real way to control what you see on TV if you see something you dont like, TURN THE CHANNEL. SHUT THE TV OFF AND READ A BOOK. Dont expect someone else to take the responsibility for your own weakness. And really, start paying a LOT more attention to your children. Why should they love you and trust your judgement when they dont even know you?

      No TV station out there can afford to remain in business, showing programming no one watches. Fact is, I would much rather watch a program dealing maturely and factually with some issue, than one which is just trying to not offend anyone. If what they’re showing offends people, people should stop watching it, advertisers will see how poorly the ratings are and stop spending money to advertise on that particular show and, before you know it, the show is gone.

      Stop expecting someone else to do your dirty work and take charge of your own lives. And for God’s sake, stop believing what either the TV or your politicians tell you. It’s ALL lies.

    I wana get a sex change sorta…?
    hi…. im currently a male, not gay, bisexual.. and straight i, well i wana get a sex change sorta (breast augmentation, Hair Transplant, no vagina plasty, Face Surgery, Femization {i dunno what i can get feminized right now [been researching] Herbal Hormones, ETC.) and i dont know what the impact can be, and how my family will react, and i dont know the outcome of it (how im going to look) please help.
    Also, ive been having dreams of it, i dunno what to do (and finantialy i dunno what to do)
    prollem with it is that i dun wana be judged

    • ANSWER:
      Forgive the cut and paste of one of my previous answers:

      You sound quite naive. A “sex change” doesn’t happen overnight. Transition, the process of changing the body to match the mind, can take years and cost -100k. Some of the costs involved:

      Electrolysis to eliminate facial hair. This alone can take years of weekly appointments and about k.

      Therapy: At 0/hr or more over a couple years that gets expensive.

      Endoncrinologist: To prescribe hormones and other meds and to monitor blood levels. At 0 a visit it can get expensive.

      Meds: Hormones and stuff cost money, they don’t give ‘em away.

      Voice (MtF’s) Practicing and perfecting a new voice takes 1-2 years minimum. Some need help from a speech therapist and that of course cost $$$.

      Surgeries. For MtF’s you may need facial surgery, breast augmentation and of course SRS (bottom surgery). More $$$$$$.

      Legalities: Legal name change, drivers license, birth certificate and possibly more. $$$$

      And let’s nort forget the indirect costs:

      Spouse divorces you.

      Family disowns you.

      Friends shun you.

      Churches expell you.

      Probable job loss.

      Denial of medical care.

      Denial of insurance.

      Denial of housing.

      Denial of access to homeless shelters may even occur.

      and more.

      Now if you still want to procede learn all you can about what you’re getting into:




      Also start with a gender therapist ASAP:


      Just so you know my transition took 4.5 years and about ,000.

      Nobody gets a “sex change” on a whim, lark or as part of a phase. People transition because they must because trying to live as something you’re not is soul crushing. Transition is appropriate medical treatment for people born transsexual. Do they work? If you were born transsexual absolutley

    Young Transsexual in need of advice.?
    I am 17 and since I was about 3 I knew I had been born in the wrong body. I was born a boy although I should have been a girl. I hate everything about being male and my only desire is to become the girl I should be.

    I have told my mum and big sister and they have actual, after a bit of time, been really good about it although I feel I am not moving fast enough.

    I dress as a girl at home all the time, have grown my hair long and pierced my ears. I love to be a girl at home, I have plenty of clothes (including a girl’s school uniform), make-up etc.

    My mum says I have to wait till I am 18 and if I still want to be a girl she will help me transition however this is not quick enough for me. I understand that it takes time but I want to be on hormones now and breast augmentation this year so I can live full time as a girl

    My dream is by 21 to be a full-time hairdresser living with a boyfriend wearing short skirts tights every day! With a long term goal of one day marrying him!
    Ha Ha very good Diane!

    I can assure you my boyfriend will not be wearing the skirts and tights just me!

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t know what the correct advice to give is but you are certainly one determined girl. I say go for it although I am biased because a 21 year old full-time t-girl that wears short skirts and tights every day is exactly the kind of girl I would go for!

      Seriously though talk to your mum tell her what it means to you. You could also highlight the earlier the transition starts the more successful it will be. Obviously she is worried you transition become a beautiful girl and then change your mind therefore emphasis this is the most important thing to you.

      I would love to hear from you!

    A question for the transgender community about Virginia Prince?
    As many people within the transgender community are aware of, Virginia Prince died a few days ago at age 96. Prince was one of the more prominent and controversial figures within the trans community. She was loved, hated, and sometimes both.

    As a crossdresser, I have a lot of mixed feelings about her. On one hand, I do commend her for having the courage to live life how she wanted and how she helped crossdressers form a community in a time where crossdressing or any perception of it was illegal in many places. She also made a lot of positive contributions in how the general public saw the trans community.

    Transgender was a term originally coined by Prince to describe somebody like her who lived full time as the opposite sex without making permanent medical changes (a concept that Prince all but violated). Many in the HBS camp detest the shift in denotation to include them in the tern transgender, as I’m sure that Prince equally detested them being included.

    However, I can’t ignore her blatant prejudices, the riffs she helped perpetuate in the trans community, and most of all her hyprocracies. As much as she contributed positively to the trans community, there was also a lot of negative aspects:

    -For one, she was a complete homophobe and ensured that Tri-ess, the group that caters to heterosexual crossdressers, excluded bisexual and gay crossdressers. If you were found to be gay or bi, you were booted. However, she adored the attention she got from male admirers and even flirted with them. It has also been rumored but never confirmed that Prince had sexual relations with men.

    -She blasted transsexuals up and made many ignorant comments about them, particularly anything to do with surgery. Prince also ensured that any transsexual was excluded from Tri-ess. Yet Prince did take hormones (prescribed by no less than Harry Benjammin himself), had electrolysis and breast augmentation. Physically, there was little if any difference between her and a pre-op or non-op transsexual.

    -Argued that there is no sexual aspect for a “true crossdresser” while being a major fan of she-male porn.

    -Had a very mysoginistic view of women and expected members of Tri-ess to behave in an outmoded and sexist “lady-like” way. Tri-ess was supposed to help crossdressers develop their feminine selves as a compliment to their masculine selves, but Prince lived full-time as a woman for over 40 years.

    -There are many others.

    While many people in the trans community would argue that Prince was the darling of crossdressers, I would have to disagree. While I acknowledge her place in trans history and hopes she rests in true peace, I don’t look up to her as a role mode and I most certainly have nothing to do with Tri-ess. I know she would have problems with me since I only like to have a tasteful feminine look (without cleavage or modifying my voice) but keeping my male identity intact regardless of how I dress.

    I am a straight crossdresser who can’t see myself transitioning or living full time as a woman. However, I don’t see anything wrong with bi or gay crossdressers. Having met a number of MTF and FTM transsexuals in real life, I know that they do have a complete mismatch between their bodies and minds and that medically transitioning is the proper course for them given that they go through the proper steps. I also don’t see anything wrong with being any other “in-between” trans identity, such as a genderqueer, androgynus, transgenderist, etc. So long as those people are true to who they are, accepting of others, not hyprocrites, and all around good people, they are a-ok in my book.

    I hope the trans community can look upon Prince and her life in general as lessons learned as well as what and what not to do. I would like to hear from other trans-identified people in terms of their opinions towards Prince and how the trans community can move beyond the prejudiced attitudes that Prince and many others had or still have. All are welcome to answer, including those from the HBS camp who see transsexuality as distinct and separate from being transgender. All I ask is that everybody gives answers that are thoughtful, tasteful, and respectful of those who have different opinions. Constructive criticisms are welcome, but please don’t display a “holier than thou” attitude. I know this is a long question, but please read all of it before answering.
    Correction: Prince coined the term transgenderist, which transgender evolved out of.

    • ANSWER:
      I have four word to describe Charles “Virginia” Prince they are “HE WAS AN IDIOT”

      Woman Born Transsexual Now Cisgendered

    Please help with chest problems…?
    Please help me. I have a very heavy chest, a 16EE, and it really hurts my back. It prevents me from exercising and sometimes even walking around the supermarket. Men stare all the time and make derogative and sexual comments.
    I cannot afford a breast augmentation – in fact I am so poor that affording properly supportive bras is even difficult. I am at uni and all my money goes straight on rent, food, bills, car maintenance, school tuition and books.
    I really need some advice, It is ruining my life. When I was at high school even my male teachers would stare.

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t think you meant to say you can’t afford breast “augmentation.” That would make your breasts even bigger. You probably meant to say “breast reduction.” See your doctor to determine if you might qualify for breast reduction surgery because of additional physical problems (back pain) you are experiencing.
      I don’t think breast reduction surgery is always considered cosmetic or optional. Breast augmentation would be a cosmetic procedure, unless, perhaps, you were having implants because of a mastectomy.
      Remember to ask about “breast reduction” instead of augmentation!

    My deepest desire is a want to be forced to be a complete woman – what does this mean?
    I consider myself a straight male however my ultimate fantasy/desire is this…

    … I want to meet a nice girl but she tricks me (uses mind control/drug control) and forces me to become a woman. I am made to take hormones and spend all my money on surgery (breast augmentation, facial feminization and full gender reassignment) until I make a convincing woman. At this point I have no money so I am forced to find a man and marry him. I live the rest of my life as his wife providing him with his every need, not just sexual but also cooking/cleaning/ironing etc

    Why do I have this desire, what does it mean?

    • ANSWER:
      This is a surprisingly common fantasy, and there has been plenty of fiction, art, etc surrounding it for decades (There’s a link below to a ‘forced fem’ fiction site, although some of it is quite extreme). Don’t be afraid of your individual tastes, just relax and explore – you’re bound to find someone who’s into alternative lifestyles and willing to indulge your fantasies!

      It doesn’t ‘mean’ anything necessarily, and it doen’t have to reflect on the kind of person you are in ‘real life’. I hope you find what you’re looking for!

    My boobs are too small?
    I’m 26, and my boobs are small–A’s–and just to see what my bf would say, I asked him what he thought about breast augmentation (in general).. he said that I should go BIG… I then said that I would go maybe a C if I did it, he said noo! go BIG! like DD! and ever since then, I am feeling sooo soo self-conscious. we’ve been together for a year now, and we really love each other–everything is going great, but he really likes big boobs and always looks at them (which I understand, but he gets this child-like happy look on his face when he sees them bouncing across the street lol! and i know i can never give him that :( )..

    now i just try to hide mine all the time because it feels like he never pays attention to them anyway.. and i feel like.. not like a woman.. i don’t have money for surgery.. just wondering how some girls deal with this–maybe male perspectives also?
    *i don’t have money for surgery! :(

    *I’m asking how women deal w having small boobs when their boy likes big ones

    *I’m asking men what they think about small boobs


    • ANSWER:
      You should accept your body you have && rock what you got girl. It don’t matter what your size is atleast you have some! lol Well you b.f sounds like a normal guy, at least you guys are happy thats all you need!! Best of luck!! Remeber- Rock what you got!!

    essay help?
    i just finished my rhetorical precis
    but it still doesn’t seem to have that ‘wow’ factor to it
    if anyone had any suggrestions that would be great

    In today’s bizarre world of nose jobs and breast augmentation’s, Dave Barry sheds some light on the beauty industry and the monster it created in his editorial, Ugly Truth about Beauty (‘Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine’ 1998) . He discusses the strange hygiene habits of both male and females, laments over the psychological drawbacks that Barbie dolls have created in women. Using his satirical sense of humor to inform and entertain his readers Barry, takes and in depth look at the growing self image problems of women.
    Even though it seems to be written with varied audience ages in mind it is mostly targeted towards middle aged women and a small amount of middle aged men.


    • ANSWER:
      What you have to say is actually concise and to the point. This isn’t bad. The only change I can suggest would be here.

      “Even though it seems to be written with varied audience ages in mind it is mostly targeted toward middle aged women and a small amount of middle aged men.”

      This seems to be your thesis unless I am way off the mark.

      A few changes in wording are all that are needed to make this a stronger statement. First off this kind of flows wierd but its ok as it is, I just had to reread it some in order to get the idea which is generally not a good thing, but I still understand what you are saying.

      What really could use with being cut is saying “…it is mostly targeted…” simply remove the word mostly and say “…it is targeted…” This is a much bolder and more forward statement. It challenges the reader to disagree with you. From here you should use your written work to back up your statement by using example and such.

      The mostly or I think trap is easy to fall into. Any time you see yourself using the word “mostly” or “I think” or “in my opinion” or any other similar statement step back and read the sentence with and without that statement and see which sounds better to you.

      Not only by saying “mostly” are you weakening your statement “mostly” is another way of saying “I could be wrong” which is not what you are trying to argue.

    I’m literally so worried right now. My husband is deployed. At first the deployment was going fine.?
    We talked everyday on the computer. He called me about every 2 weeks or so. When he came for R&R we went to visit family instead of going somewhere with just me, him and our daughter. About a month after he gets back to deployed location, he says he doesn’t deserve me. he doesn’t know why I love him. He says he is not happy, not with ME but with life in general. He feels life has let him down. He said he just doesn’t know about us. He later wrote me an email, saying let’s work it out. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done, I know I’ve let you down and I’m sorry it will never happen again etc. About a week after that he says we should look into getting a divorce, that he is not in love with me anymore. Well it’s been 4 months since that happened, everything was going ok. Still weren’t talking NEARLY as much as we used to. But out of the blue a couple weeks ago he ims me and flips out. Telling me I never listen to him, all this mess. He said I have medication for when I get home. I then told him that I had already got on Zoloft. He got mad, asked me why I was sad, I have nothing to be sad about, I’m able to buy whatever I want (I had breast augmentation). I told him I got on it when he told me he wanted a divorce. He said well you know we’re still going to talk and see how things go when I get home. Now he only has 2 weeks until he gets home. He isn’t talking to me at all when I email him, he doesn’t answer my emails. I can call his phone though, and he always picks up, and if he doesn’t he calls me back within the hour. So technically I can’t say he is ignoring me. I’m worried. I guess my question is how common is this? Could a male veteran tell me what is going on? This is his 3rd deployment. I’m just so worried. A little more to the story I know this is long. But I do everything, I massage his feet every night when he is home, I work full time and still do all the duties of a stay at home mom or housewife. I never refuse sex. His first wife cheated on him multiple times while he was deployed, she also told him she wanted a divorce while he was deployed. I haven’t even looked at another man. I couldn’t conceive of it. He has been let down by every woman in his life, his bio mom, his adoptive mom. I’m wondering if he feels I am going to let him down? He told me before his first wife said she would never hurt me, and look what she did. That I was telling him the same thing and what happens if I let him down to? I feel like I am a good wife. I’m just confused. I’m scared, worried. I want so much for things to work out and my heart is telling me it will but how do I help HIM when he gets home? And what could be making him do this? I don’t think people understand the stress a lot of wives go through with deployments. I know that sounds so selfish of me, I don’t intend for it to sound that way, he is under way more stress than I am. I am just so upset by this whole situation. I’ve been ALONE completely for an entire year. Just me and my baby and the people I work with. It’s just so hard. He was supposed to be there for me and for the last 4 months he he’s not. The thing is he says that he is not over what the ex wife did to him, stabbing him in the back when he needed her, he doesn’t want her, he is over HER, just not what she did. Yet he is doing the same to me. Thanks to anyone who reads and responds.

    • ANSWER:
      Does he have PTSD? My husband did the last time he came home from Iraq. I know it can feel so overwhelmingly lonely when you’re dealing with a deployment but the fact is you just have to try and make the best of it. They are so busy and so stressed they just do not have the time to make us top priority while they’re gone. My husband can be the same way sometimes, the last thing he wants to hear when he’s a million miles away is me crying. Guys in the military have to KNOW that their woman can be self sufficent. They also have to know nothing gonna happen while they’re away. All you can do is reassure him and be strong. When my husbands away I catch up on housework,make packages for him and watch all my favorite movies and shows. You guys will make it through.

    Are you a transgender who sued Medi-Cal for SRS or transition surgery and won?
    I am a transgender person (male-to-female) and I am on Medi-Cal. My understanding from the Transgender law Center’s information they provided is that Medi-Cal does not specify transgender-related surgery as “standard coverage,” but do do not currently and never have had an exclusionary clause against covering it if a case can be made that the requested coverage is indeed medically necessary and a recomended treatment for Gender Identity Disorder.
    The real problem is finding surgeons who will accept Medi-Cal, which pays out below market rate, for Sex Reassignment, Breast Augmentation, Tracheal Shave, Facial Feminization, etc. Finding a surgeon who will take the Medi-Cal benefits as payment is the first thing needed before suing Medi-Cal, since it is nearly unofficial routine for them to automatically deny ANY APPLICATIONS for coverage of ANY TYPE of surgical proceedure. Once you have a surgeon willing to take your Medi-Cal, you just take Medi-Cal to court over the denied claim, and it’s pretty comon that your lawsuit will be won and Medi-Cal ordered by the court to cover your operation through your surgeon.

    I have read many e-zines of such cases being won in court for their Sex Reassignment Surgery to be covered by Medi-Cal, however, the problem is that (for protection of their identity) their names have been changed in the PRINTED articles, so there is no way to contact these individuals. However, the bigger probelm (according to the Transgender Law Center San Francisco) is finding a surgeon who accepts Medi-Cal. However, it clearly goes without saying that, if those transgender people won their court cases for coverage of SRS through Medi-Cal, then clearly, they all found surgeons who willingly took the Medi-Cal for the surgery. After all, what good does it do to have Medi-Cal be ordered to pay for a surgery that you haven’t found a doctor to perform?

    • ANSWER:
      I knew someone who was a friend-of-a-friend of mine who sued Medi-Cal and won. She had her surgery, I believe, in 2000 (give or take a couple of years).

      She unfortunately passed away about 2 years ago. From what I understand about her plight, her situation matched exactly what you described. She found a surgeon in the San Francisco area (not sure where, or with whom). So there are definitely surgeons who will do this (they probably just try to keep this fact under wraps as much as possible).

      Hope this helps.

      Good luck in your future

    Fake boobs or next-to-nothing real boobs?
    Ok, so i’m very small-chested (like smaller than a 34 A). I don’t mind how I look in clothes, but I’m married and I don’t feel very sexy in lingerie. I would love to fill out the cute bras, lol! I was thinking about getting a breast augmentation to go up to a full B, I know I would feel great being able to find undies that fit (yippy!). However, my husband says he likes me the way I am..he isn’t necessarily against me getting a boob job, but I think he’s worried about what people would think.

    Anyway, would it be suuuper noticeable if I went up to a b cup? Do you think my husband would be “pleasantly suprised” at my new size, or do you think he won’t like the feeling of fake boobs? Like I said, I don’t have anything for him to take hold of now (don’t mean to be graphic, lol).

    I understand I need to talk this over with my husband, but I just need some opinions from the male population in general. If your wife/girlfriend was as small as me, how would you feel about her getting a boob job and going up a cup size?

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds as though you have thoroughly thought this through, with consideration to many things. Things can go wrong with any surgery, as I am sure you know. But of course things could work out perfectly. As far as I understand, implants need to be replaced every ten or so years, or somewhere in that time frame. I am currently in nursing school and I love to watch those plastic surgery shows. There are different kinds of implants and different ways to place them in the tissue (above or below muscle). That all depends on what look you’re trying to achieve as well as what your body can handle. As another person who replied above me has stated, you seem to have your head on straight about it. My personal opinion and advice would be to stay as you are. Your husband says he is satisfied with you just as you are. It seems to me that the bodily modifications are going out. Natural beauty is classic beauty. You sound just fine as you are. :) If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! Best of luck to you.

    Living with Gender Identity Issues, practical advice?
    I know I am a woman. I was born a male. I would like to ask for considered, practical advice on my situation that takes my individual circumstances into account. My concerns are, family, school, work, social, love, and financial.

    My family is very bigoted. They do not like anyone who isn’t straight, white and catholic, and that’s very sad. They think gays are pedophiles. This means I will be disowned and never see my nieces and nephews again if they ever find out I like men and should be a woman. I love them like my own children, the knowledge I will loose them is unbearable. I can’t hold on; I won’t let go. It is a toxic environment, but it’s the only one I know.

    I spend most of my time alone studying in law school, but it is hard to focus. Everyone else seems to have boyfriends, girlfriends, go to social events or just out drinking/whatever it is people do. Some of them are getting married, having kids, and moving on with their lives. I feel like I am wasting my youth.

    At some point, I want to be a lawyer. I’ve worked hard to get here and I’m very good at what I do. The problem is that people don’t want to hire a gay lawyer or a transsexual one, because they don’t think it’s right or that the lawyer will fight for them as well. I’m quite unsure how to do anything about this. It seems I could make the best arguments possible and win the lawsuit or keep someone out of jail and none of it would matter ….

    It feels like the same things would hurt me with making friends. People have a perception of how things should be, and right or wrong I don’t fit it. I don’t know who to deal with this. I’m actually a very sweet and demure person but a lot of people seem not to like gays/transsexuals and not know what to do with them or how we fit in. I’m still scared to go out in public because of bathrooms. I can’t legally go into a ladies room but I am NOT going into a mens’ room wearing a dress and heels. That’s just asking to be beaten up :( .

    The same concerns hold true with finding love. Then of course there’s the question of who I can find love with as a woman. Straight men don’t seem to like the idea of dating someone who was once a man and gay men want other men, not a woman. So, who the heck do you go on a date with? For that matter could I marry a man if I changed into a woman? I’d also like to be a mother at some point if possible. This is biologically impossible so can i adopt in the U.S.?

    Finally, fiances are a real concern. Any major surgery is expensive. I imagine hormone therapy and possible breast augmentation area also expensive. Insurance lists it as a “cosmetic” procedure and does not pay for it. How on earth do you come up with what must be tens of thousands of dollars for this treatment?

    Any constructive advice is appreciated.
    Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds like you’re describing my family. lol

      These are the same questions we all have to deal with. The problem is that the answers are going to be a little different for each person.

      Like answer # 4 said don’t try to look at the at the big picture till your ready. You don’t build a house all at once. Start with a one part at a time.

      As already mentioned find a local group for support and find a good gender therapist both of these will invaluable in your journey.

      Then start working on all these issues one at a time. You obviously won’t solve them one at a time but you will come to terms with them and have an idea of how to work with each.

      Losing family and friends is hard but many do. Nothing worth having in life is free and without some risk. If this happens it’s not your fault, it’s theirs. You can’t live your life through someone else’s eyes. If they truly care about your happiness and quality of life they will accept this. If not, your better off moving on without them. That’s a hard thing to say and harder to do but it’s the truth.

      In the end they will go on with their lives and you will be left behind. They will have had fulfilling lives and you will not. This I know to be fact. So please learn from the cost of my lessons.

      This is your life not theirs, you only get one and this is it.

      Make a plan; Go forward, Never Look back.

    Doesn’t this make sense?
    People say Blonde hair Blue eyes are most attractive right? Well here is why.

    Blond hair is unique in that it changes dramatically with age. Typically, young girls with light blond hair become women with brown hair. Thus, men who prefer to mate with blond women are unconsciously attempting to mate with younger (and hence, on average, healthier and more fecund) women. It is no coincidence that blond hair evolved in Scandinavia and northern Europe, probably as an alternative means for women to advertise their youth, as their bodies were concealed under heavy clothing.

    Women with blue eyes should not be any different from those with green or brown eyes. Yet preference for blue eyes seems both universal and undeniable—in males as well as females. One explanation is that the human pupil dilates when an individual is exposed to something that she likes. For instance, the pupils of women and infants (but not men) spontaneously dilate when they see babies. Pupil dilation is an honest indicator of interest and attraction. And the size of the pupil is easiest to determine in blue eyes. Blue-eyed people are considered attractive as potential mates because it is easiest to determine whether they are interested in us or not.

    The irony is that none of the above is true any longer. Through face-lifts, wigs, liposuction, surgical breast augmentation, hair dye, and color contact lenses, any woman, regardless of age, can have many of the key features that define ideal female beauty. And men fall for them. Men can cognitively understand that many blond women with firm, large breasts are not actually 15 years old, but they still find them attractive because their evolved psychological mechanisms are fooled by modern inventions that did not exist in the ancestral environment. The media feeds off of the ignorance of men

    We’ve been punk’d.

    • ANSWER:

    Do men really hate implants?
    Most say they do. But then the majority of male oriented publications (Playboy, Maxim, etc.) and porn feature mostly women with fake breasts. I don’t know what’s wrong here: if these publications are not giving men what they prefer, or if men are LYING about the implant thing. I think it’s the latter…

    Well, I’m a bit bitter about the issue, considering I’m a small chested girl, and I’ll never have surgery, and that some girls with fake breasts are somehow superior in terms of attraction. it’s unfair. Why is fake better? There are even “silicone contests” where girls win free surgeries! And men enjoy looking at these girls!

    And these are the priorities of society? Giving away breast augmentations? What happened to education, or more important health concerns?

    I prefer to be small chested! Even if it means having less guys hit on me at the club…
    Yes, but why do they say they dislike breat implants and then they gawk at every pair and their magazines and porn are filled with silicone?

    • ANSWER:
      Men are very visual. And big bouncing boobs are great to look at, real or fake. When it actually goes to touching, nothing beats the real thing, no matter how small. So I guess would rather please the guy who sees you, or the guy who feels you?

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