Enhance Your Breasts Naturally

Breast Implants Gone Wrong

There are lots of techniques to ruin a relationship and here are but some. I am positive you could add your own.

1. Look at every single woman that passes by although with your partner

2. Talk about how sexy your co-worker is or how she dresses

3. Tell your partner that she would look better if she lost weight

4. Tell her that you will discover a lot more beautiful woman within the world than her

5. Be sure never to touch her in any way in public

6. Ignore her at each and every chance in particular when socializing

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8. When out in public make certain to humiliate her for anything at each and every opportunity

9. Forget to introduce her to your friends

10. Lie to her

11. Never tell her she is fairly or sexy

12. Porn, Porn, Porn…best method to build a woman’s self-esteem

13. Tell her you’ll pay for breast enlargements

14. Call her an additional woman’s name (works ideal when making adore)

15. Take her to dinner and then pull out a calculator to divide the check equitably

16. Tell her that you cannot wait until your ex-wife/girlfriend finds out that you’re dating

17. Tell her that your ex-girlfriend hated condoms and wouldn’t use them

18. Tell her that you hate condoms mainly because they have a tendency to just fall off

19. Talk about all the “Girl” buddies you might have and how much they mean to you

20. Tell her you wouldn’t mind wearing condoms if they only came in “extra large.”

21. In a public location, say truly loud “did you see the ass on her”

22. Tell her that you haven’t told anybody about the two of you and your relationship due to the fact you wouldn’t desire to hurt the other girls inside your life feelings

23. Tell her that you’ve had way superior sex partners

24. Tell her that she is not the priority within your life

25. Tell her she is lucky that she has you for the reason that no other man would want her

26. Tell her when she goes down on you that it is not like when your ex did

27. Make positive to say that she looks significantly superior with make up on

28. Talk about your ex’s a lot

29. Never call throughout the day to ask her how things are going

Frequently Asked Questions

    Are breast implants wrong in christianity?
    Wouldn’t breast implants and other cosmetic surgery be altering what god gave you and therefore against the teachings of the bible? About two million women in the United States have breast implants, with 250,000 going under the knife each year. I’m sure at least a few of these ladies consider themselves “christian”, so how is this justified?
    BTW, I am an Atheist, so I am all for bigger boobs. I am not trying to insult any ones beliefs, I was just honestly wondering what the religious view was on this subject.

    • ANSWER:
      I can’t really judge if it is wrong or not, that is between the individual and their Maker. I will say that self-interest however, is not the way to go. To place so much value in the size of a woman’s breasts just does not make much sense to me; along with everything else it totally objectifies women as mere body parts. Why would any woman want to be judged in this way by men or other women? The size of your breasts equal value? What a ridiculous notion to contemplate. I wouldn’t opt for a breast job no matter what the ‘big pay-off’ was going to be; this is societal manipulation. Wake up America!! Wake up ladies!!

    If size B breast implants are wrong, then why isn’t wearing make up or getting our ears pearced wrong??
    My husband is against me getting a size B breast implant, but seems to think that women can do whatever else to their bodies and it’s no big deal. His mom and sisters in law spend hundreds of dollars a year on hair and nails (changing their bodies), but when I mention getting a boob job just so I can have at least small boobs he flips out saying it’s morally wrong and I’m being too vain. He has made me feel so guilty for wanting this, like God is going to be angry at me. Well if so, then why isn’t God angry at women who change their hair color, or poke holes in their ears?

    • ANSWER:
      Wow, it is astonishing how ignorant some of the people on Yahoo! Answers are.

      No breast implants are permanent, go ask any cosmetic surgeon. They will need to be removed or replaced at some point in time most likely, especially saline, unless you are extremely lucky. The cohesive gel last much longer because if a rupture occurs the filler will not migrate and be absorbed into the body, but ruptures still occur.

      I am in school for cosmetic surgery, I have implants, and I am a christian. I have a size B implant. No one even knows they are fake, they are very tastefully done. I swam competitively for many years and as a result of going through puberty with an extremely low body fat, I did not develop as my sister’s did…or as I was genetically meant to. I’m very curvy on the hips now, but my bust never caught up. I had my implants done, and I have since had my daughter and breastfed her successfully (with my areola incisions) and I have so little damage to my bust from pregnancy and breastfeeding that my mother and sister’s were shocked. I am very happy with them and never regretted getting them. I look like the other women in my family now. I think because people cannot tell that women like myself have implants, we are not accounted for in their development of the stereotype of cosmetically breast-enhanced females. Instead the women who have huge, unnatural breasts they habitually flaunt in revealing clothing are what people see and know of, their views are understandably skewed.

      I do see where many people might think it is not right to alter your body in such a way, and personally I think many women who do get breast implants get them for the wrong reasons. I do, however believe there are cases where it is not wrong to do, and in such cases no more morally wrong than a tattoo. You have to analyze your own drive for this type of modification, especially if you are going against your husband’s wishes. It is your decision and should be based mainly on your desires, just realize where your heart is. Don’t do it for anyone but yourself and be sure it will not change you in a bad way.

      Something for you to think about: is it immoral to reconstruct scars or loss of tissue, such as mastectomy damage? What is the difference? If you say you are spitting in the face of God to get implants, than what of the women who have cancer and lose their breasts completely? Are they vain for having fake reconstructed implants inserted and nipples tattooed back on? God knew they were getting cancer, he allowed things to be that way…so by the same arguement, shouldn’t they leave their scars alone as well?

      Basically, honey, I do not agree with your husband, I do not see a distingushed line between ear piercing and implants. You need to be concerned about being a good wife though, you are supposed to worship each other with your bodies, do remember that while considering your decision. He has to live with your decision too. You husband in that same respect, sounds as if he’s being judgemental on the subject instead of being concerned for you. If he mentioned worry about anesthesia, surgical risks, or even finances, I would think a bit more about the arguement. However instead of telling you that you are beautiful, he calls you vain; instead of telling you God loves you just the way you are, he says God will be angry with you. He does not sounds as if he has the right attitude. He is clearly being judgemental and non-supportive. If he is truly a man of God, he needs to analyze himself here.

      Matthew 7:5:
      You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

      Having said that…I believe people need to mind their own business. This is YOUR decision. B cups are usually a tasteful size for the average woman. You need to make sure you educate yourself about the risks, however. This is not a small body modification, it is major surgery. Be sure you want to do it before you do it.

      sacha had a good few points as well. Your DH might be scared by other things but does not know how to bring them up to you.

    Are Breast Implants Biblically Wrong?
    I’m considering a breast augmentation. I’m about a small ‘B’ cup after having and breastfeedign both my kids. I just recently stopped breastfeeding my now 1 year old daughter and have one boob slightly bigger than the other. I want to fix the problem but also don’t want to go to hell for it.

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t think that plastic surgery is wrong in of itself, especially if it is to fix some deformity (like an non-symmetrical bust).

      However, I honestly think that you will be happier in the long run if you simply live with it, and thus learn to be happy with yourself no matter what you look like. We all get less attractive as we get older, and I think that God does this in part so that we will gradually quit worrying about our physical appearance so much.

      If you are really worried about this, please read Romans chapter 14. It is a good passage to read if you are worried about whether or not it is OK to do something that is not expressly mentioned in the Bible.

      One truth that I got from this passage is that if you think something is a sin, and you do it anyway, then you HAVE sinned, because you had bad motives for what you did (It does not matter if you actually committed a sin or not; if you THINK that you are sinning, then you are sinning — because of bad intent. Make sense?).

    question about my breast implants?
    I have just had plastic surgery and was wondering, has anyone else gone through breast implants? They aren’t painful right now, but I’m having a hard time wiating until a week from now to see them,…any advice? Do people think that this was wrong? I don’t really care just curious to how many people think breast implants are wrong. I didn’t go get pamela implants, I just was a size A and now I’m a size B. It makes me feel beautiful.

    • ANSWER:
      I got implants a few years ago. I had to wait a week to see them, but they needed to heel. Everything turned out fine.

      Nice to hear you got the size you wanted. I went from a B to D and loved it.

    My breast implants turned out wrong?
    I decided to get breast implants awhile ago. I was naturally at a full 34C and wanted to go just one cup size bigger, to a 34D. So I had the surgery in early January. About a week after the surgery, I was at a 34DD. I figured that maybe it was just because of the swelling; I’m sure that once the swelling goes down, I’ll be back at a D-cup. Except now, 3 1/2 months later, I’m at a full E-cup! The shape of the implants themselves are very nice – they look natural, jiggle a bit when I bend over, etc. I had 500 cc’s put in, if that helps you with your answer. Help!
    I already had the surgery. Lame comments like “natural is better” or “anything more than a mouthful is a waste” are fine, scream them out loud – I don’t care. But those immature comments are irrelevant to my question. So please, think before writing!

    • ANSWER:
      Ok, so you’re looking at a slightly swollen version of the end result. If you’re an E cup, you shouldn’t expect to be much smaller than a DD in the future. 500 cc’s is a large implant.

      Swelling usually subsides completey within 6-months…so it’s still a bit early to tell. But if you are unhappy with them at that point, you need to demand that the doctor fix them for you, or give you a referral for a different doctor who will give you what you want.

    Do you think its wrong for a teenager to get breast implants?
    My dumbass sister says shes going to get breast implants. Shes a size b and they look perfect as they are.

    I even told her this despite the awkwardness of it. She still wants to get implants though. What can i say to her to change her mind.

    • ANSWER:
      Live and let live. It is not your body or not your choice.
      Your Assistant

    Should I get breast implants?
    I wear an A cup bra size and I’ve been that size since middle school. I love to wear bikinis when I go swimming but, I never fill out my tops I have to go to the kids section to get a bikini that fits. And I can’t even hold up a strapless dress or tube top.. My friends always tell me Im still pretty without big breast but, I feel so self concouis.. And I’ve watched Discovery Channel and some breast implants went wrong!! So help me please.

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t. You’ll regret it. There are a lot of risks involved with getting implants. Plus, a big chest can really put a lot of strain on your back, especially if you’re thin or have a small build. Heck, even if you’re not thin it can hurt your back.

      Just try to feel good about yourself. There’s nothing wrong with that size, and plenty of people have small chests.

    how do you tell your woman to get breast implants?
    don’t get me wrong… i HATE breast implants.

    but her boobies are so small. i can’t stand it. and i’m afraid i’m going to have to get her to get some implants so i can finally be satisfied. either that or get a new woman with bigger boobies. but i’m sort of attached to this one. i guess you could say i ….. “love”………… her…..

    anyway how should i go about doing this?

    keep your hate comments to yourself.

    • ANSWER:

    things that could go wrong with “breast implants”?
    what are some bad things that could happen if somebody where to get a boob job?

    • ANSWER:
      this would help


    Wrong size implants used in breast augmentation?
    I have recently undergone breast augmentation and from the outset i noticed that one breast was larger then the other. I put this down the swelling, but i have been for my first check up today and when i raised this with the doctor he admitted that he had used the wrong implant!

    Obviously very apologetic and has said he will replace the incorrect implant with the correct one.

    This does mean i will have to have another 2 weeks off work and i am wondering whether i should be getting any compensation for the additional time off (Which i will get basic sick pay for if lucky) and the inconvenience and discomfort of going through the operation again.

    Can anyone advise me as the best way to deal with this issue and if should be looking to claim compensation, what sort of figure i should be looking for.


    • ANSWER:

    is there any way to make breast implants work? I have had them “fixed” nearly 8 times and need closure.
    is there anyone who knows an alternative way to fix breast implants that keep going wrong without actually having them removed again. I just want another option besides its just my body’s fault. Also I want to be a motivational speaker about what I have been through. Does anyone know how to go about sharing my story with young girls so they can just love what they were born with instead of going through what I have been through?

    • ANSWER:
      e-mail talk shows… they have that topic often… you can also write to your local newspapers… and create a myspace with all of the info… i am having a gastric bypass, and i created a myspace just to share my experiences… people want to know… you just have to put yourself out there

    breast Implants?
    A girl I know wants to get breast implants, I think she looks great the way she is! (she hates when I tell her that). We’ve been freinds for ever and when we go to the mall she almost cry’s when she try’s on a size 0 and its still to baggy on her chest. She’s done all the research and has gone for consultations. She’s even convenced a freind of hers that has them to let me see them and touch them.lol (yes they look awesome, and feel real. )So now she’s saving the money to have it done. Being a friend I try to support her. Im just scared of all the things that could go wrong. She researched all that to.

    My question is , would you pay 6,000 dollars to change your apperence? If so why? And if you did, are you glad you did it? and did your friends support you?

    • ANSWER:
      You are a great friend but you have to understand this from her point of view. She has felt like a little kid her entire life. She cannot wear some of the cute summer tops that are out, she probably cries every time she opens a victoria’s secret catalogue because she can’t wear the anything sexy and most of all she just doesn’t feel sexy. It’s very important for a woman to feel sexy. How do I know? I was right where she was. With all the money she spends on push up bras (- each), you actually save money in the long run. I found a great doctor that I trusted. A good doctor will no violate her small frame with huge breasts, but instad balance out her hips, giving her proportioned curves. Make sure she gets it under the muscle for a natural look. Those horror stories are few and far between and are usually b/c someone tried to find a cheap doctor. I am so happy I did it. It’s been over 2 years now and people only know they are fake if I tell them. I can wear anything I want and I love trying on clothes and cute tops. With a good boob job, you can wear whatever bra you want, even the cute little cheap ones from Wal-Mart. Support her in this endeavor, it will change her life.

    breast implants..?
    what do you think of breast implants? If a girl wanted to look her best and get it a little bigger…do you think she should or not? Shouldn’t we utilize that option…or is natural the only way to go?
    I’m thinking about getting a boob job…but just not sure if i should just be happy with my healthy self…or take the risk hoping to be happy with bigger boobs. It won’t be a major change, still going for the natural look …(i did not post this in the wrong category either)

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t do implants until you at least try one herbal remedy like the one at http://www.breastsyoudeserve.com That surgery costs a lot of money.

    How do I choose a plastic surgeon for breast implants?
    How do I know if it’s a good Dr. or a bad one? Or a good facility or a bad one? I’m terrified something will go horribly wrong, but I really want implants!

    • ANSWER:
      Personal Reference is probably the best, but a lot of doctors have websites with pictures of their work.
      I recently had implants in Thailand which was a mistake as once you leave the country there is no aftercare. If you have trouble with your implants no other surgeon will look at you and it’s a frustrating road.
      So get someone in your town, who happily puts his work online and has a great aftercare plan.
      Also if you look around on the web there are heaps of forums about discuss, good and bad, different doctors for surgery. Here’s a popular one.


      Best of luck with it x

    If you have had breast implants please answer my question.?
    I really want to get breast implants, I am really scared that something will go wrong.

    Only anwer if you have breast implants.
    1) Did you have complications
    2) Do you regret it?
    3) What are the good things and bad things that come along with brest enhancement.

    • ANSWER:
      1) had them done 5 years ago, and no complications so far.

      2) I don’t regret it at all. To me, they were completely worth it.

      Pros: more self confidence, fill out cute fashions (like deep v-neck tops), look and feel more proportionate.

      Cons: Expensive, don’t last forever (you’ll need to redo the procedure every five to ten years), slight scarring.

    Has anyone experenced a bad breast implants?
    ok this is for a school project and i would just like to know if anyone has had a bad experence with breast implants. If so could you please say what went wrong and you can make up a name if you would like. thanks alot and your input is greatly apperciated. :-) o yeah once again pardon the spelling!

    • ANSWER:
      I havent had them done myself, but i know many girls who have done that – some look good, some look bad, some really messed up. One girls boobs look like there is one boob on another, many look like skin is gona pop as soon as you touch them (usually for strippers and porn stars who make them too big), one girl had one implant go bad and now she is stuck with one big boob and one small one.

    Where’s the best place to get breast implants?
    I want to get implants but I don’t even know where to start!!? I’ve seen all these stories about this surgery gone wrong so how do I research doctors? Any suggestions? I live in South Carolina but am willing to travel!

    • ANSWER:

    Breast surgery gone wrong?
    My implant collasped. My Dr cannot see me for serval weeks. Just looking for encouragement, Im a little scared

    • ANSWER:
      You should go and see another doctor b/c since they have collapsesd you maybe develop and infection from it..sorry i hope that you get better soon! :)

    I just got breast implants a month ago, I feel like I should’ve gone bigger?
    I’m 5’8 about 100 pounds (yes im very tiny) and was an A32 now a C32. My doctor gave me a choice between 300cc or 350cc. I chose the 300cc cohesive gel implants because it was a more natural look like my friends and sisters says its perfect for me and my bodyframe (and trust me, you wouldnt even know i got them done, I dont have the lining like victoria beckham how they look like soccer balls, mines settled very naturally and its smooth with no bumps where the implants sit). but what stopped me from choosing the 350cc was that i was afraid it might be too big for my body frame which would give me an unporportioned look. Now that I’m healin ive been frustrating myself wondering how the 350cc would look, like would it still give me this same natural look or would have i regretted choosing the 350cc? And i have about 1.5 finger spaces between my breasts, basically thumb size, i feel like they’re too apart like they should be a finger size apart or am i wrong? Also, if i gained weight, which i have a hard time doing, would my breasts get bigger?

    • ANSWER:
      Well first of all congrats! Breast tissue is made of adipose tissue or fat tissue, so if you gain weight, of course they are going to be bigger. And the 300cc is a perfect size if not too large for your tiny frame! I’m sure it looks great. Give them time to settle in and you get used to them.. But if your scared about having a thumb size amount between your breasts, think about natural breasts, they don’t squeeze together like constant cleavage. I’m a c, took a while to get there lol. Just give them time to settle in and you will realize you look fantastic! Glad to help!

    has anyone had breast implants?
    has anyone had breast imaplants, and things gone wrong?
    or been really happy with them?

    I am thinking about getting them!

    • ANSWER:

    Should I accept the breast implants for Christmas from my BF?
    Hi. I’m 5’8” and 107 pounds and have C-cup breasts. I’m very happy with my figure, except sometimes I wish I had bigger boobs. My boyfriend offered to buy me implants from a quality Beverly Hills surgeon, but I’m not sure if I should accept. I know he really cares for me and I’d really like to go up a few sizes, but I’m REALLY scared that something will go wrong. What should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      HELL NO why would he want to get you breast implants for x-mas what is wrong with him he should like you the way that you are
      you don’t need big breats to impress him if that’s all he cares ad-out then he don’t really love you and you need to find someone who cares ad out you and no your breast size

    Guesses on Anna Nicole Smith Cause of Death?
    A) Rapid weight loss
    B) Grief over her son
    C) Breast implants gone wrong
    D) Drugs
    E) Murder with money as motive
    F) Her late life pregnancy
    G) Combination of stresses
    I didn’t offer suicide as an answer because who would hire a nurse to stay beside you if you wanted to commit suicide?

    • ANSWER:
      I would say:

    I want breast implants. need information?
    So, I’m 16 years old.. And in my family we have small, and I mean small breasts.. And they sag.. alot. I’m seeing signs of it allready, and I’m scared and grossed out to death.. I want nice breasts!
    so, help!

    - how old do I have to be to get breast implants?
    - does ut hurt?
    - if it goes wrong, does it go very wrong (can I die?)

    • ANSWER:
      im 17 and i am gonna have breast surgery so depending on the doctor the age varies. u will be asleep when they do the surgery but after it wont hurt it will just be sore for 1-2 weeks. u cant die from this surgery if something goes wrong. the worst that might happen is they pop the implant and have to start over. Hope this helps ;)

    Should I get Breast Enhancement?
    I’m 22, 5’11, slender and attractive. I was born with curvy hips and a slender body, and have a love for bellydancing and keeping in shape. Here’s my issue. My body was primed to have a larger chest to keep my body in purportion. as a teenager, my mother always told me to be patient, my chest would grow in time. No such luck. I’m still a small a cup, and have to rely on tricks to make my chest look a little bit bigger. It isn’t neccessarily to attract people, but when I look at myself naked, I feel odd and dispurportioned. I’ve come up with the conclusion that i’d like to get breast enhancement, but I haven’t told anyone in the family yet and I’m not even sure how to admit it to myself that I want a prostetic bag of saline inside of my breast. I don’t really know how to tackle such a difficult situation; but i’m tired of being depressed when I go bra-shopping, because I know the only things that will fit me is the flat-cloth, which does nothing to emphasize what I already have. Not having a chest makes me feel like less of a woman, and i’d like some advice here.
    Is it really so wrong to get breast implants? To want to look in the mirror and have a curve instead of just flat skin?

    • ANSWER:
      it is up to you to make that decision, but i personally think that you are probably perfect and beautiful as you are.

      don’t be depressed that bra’s dont fit – get measured proffessionally and explain to the fitter that you would like a bra to enhance what you’ve got and to make them appear larger. they will be able to help you find the perfect bra to enhance your shape.

      i have a friend who sonds about your shape, and she gets endless compliments on her slim figure, pretty face, and shapely hips. every woman has her own hang ups, we just have to learn to live with them.

      much love xx

    Is it wrong to buy your daughter bigger breasts as a graduation gift?
    Upper-class parents in the Dallas-Ft.Worth customarily treat
    daughters graduating high school to breast implants(unless
    they are large, where reduction would come into play. The boys
    get hot sports cars, and the girls get breasts. The parents presume that the girls, with the larger breasts, will be more popular
    college prospects, get more dates, and feel better about themselves in general.
    My question is, do you find this repulsive? Is this just on the same level as the obligatory graduation nose-job common years ago
    on the east coast(reduction, of course), or is it on a different level
    altogether? Are large breasts really going to improve things?
    Or are you creating a situation where these young ladies will
    become obsessive about their body image in later life, running
    out to the botox center when the first little wrinkle around the eys shows up? Is there anything normal about altering a minors
    appearance like this? Are we not obsessed with body image as it is?

    • ANSWER:
      I am a 24 year old female. If my parents offered me to get bigger breasts as a graduation present, I would be disgusted. Of course they are going to be more popular in college. They are more likely to lay down with a guy. That’s why they are popular. They wont be known for being smart or athletic, they will be known for their breast size.

      If the boys are getting sports cars….get the girl one of her choice! If you get your own daughter breast implants you might as well get her a van with no back seats. Just a mattress and a disco ball. More than likely she will end up there.

      I don’t know if you have looked at any of the studies done lately but it is not healthy for a young teenage girl to get implants. Nor is it healthy for anyone to get them. You wouldn’t pay for your sons breast enhancement would you?? Then don’t do it for your daughter. Save your daughter the embarrassment, and teach her self esteem instead.

    Do U Think It’s Sexist for Society to Give the Message That if a Woman has Big Boobs She is More Successful?
    I totally think it is very sexist. In The USA it is like if a woman has big boobs she is popular, gets ALL the guys, is sexier than smaller breasted women, and always wins. I BELIEVE THIS IS WRONG! ALL BREASTS ARE SEXY! Society is saying to little girls and teenagers that you must get bigger boobs nature or surgery to be hot and a great number of women believe this. I think it’s SAD when women go in to get breast implants. Breast Augementation IS VERY RISKY. The Body may Reject the implants. BY NATURE WOMEN MUST BE A LITTLE OVERWEIGHT TO HAVE BIGGER BOOBS. SKINNY GIRLS WITH NATURAL BIG BOOBS IS RARE. Why does Socitey promote the Barbie/Teresa/Christie Doll image?
    I’m 5’8″, 230 LBS,& a D-cup.

    • ANSWER:
      I agree with you. The image came, not surprisingly, from men. The body that has the proportions of a Barbie doll does not occur naturally. It is an exaggerated ideal of a woman who appears to be clearly fertile. There is some proportion of the measurements of breasts to waist to hips that creates this sexy look, and I remember it had to do with the appearance of probable fertility, and a man’s horniness is a natural instinct which is a species survival tool, ie, men want to spread their seed on fertile ground.

      That’s why. It has nothing to do with her mind or her value to society for her contributions other than procreation.

    Should she get breast implants?
    My girlfriend is 17 and has a A-cup size chest. She says they are too small and wants to get implants someday. I tell her how good they look and feel and everything, I really do think they are sexy; I don’t think she really needs implants. She isn’t going to get them as long as I say I don’t want her to. Is that wrong of me to not want her to get them? She says she will be hot, but I say it isn’t worth it. It’s like faking. What do you think? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      mm a lot of people think that the bigger the boobs the better. to be honest when your boobs are bigger it’s hard to do things i don’t know if she wants to get a full breast implant were she get’s like one or 2 size bigger but that’s crazy. she probably has self esteem issues and thank god your there to keep her there to keep her in track. there’s a saying and it goes girl with bigger boobs always want smaller one and girls with smaller one always want bigger ones. but most guys like a girl with smaller boobs then they do big one like you said it makes you look fake.
      unless their natural

    Ok people i really need a help about breasts?
    OK i need help badly…..?
    me and my brother are having an aurgument that led into a bet. im 25 he is 28 and his wife wants breast implant. i think they are discusting.
    he and she seems to think that there so nice and nothing can go wrong. i need pics of implants gone wrong and pics of breast implants and natural breast as well. the only thing is that i need the pics copied and pasted to email because i am unable to open them.
    MY EMAIL is: lonidontknow@yahoo.com
    ten points to the best and ugliest pics
    Oh and my brother don’t like them either. UGLY blah

    • ANSWER:

    What are some dangers of getting breast implants?(red more)?
    My best friend is thinking about getting breast implants. I am trying to talk her out of it, cause I think she is perfect just the way she is, Just as any man who sees her, would think. she’s GORGEOUS! anyway, I want to present to her some of the dangers of having the procedure, are there any lasting effects it can cause? What are some things that can (or have) gone wrong? I just want to know your input. and also tell me what you prefer. REAL or FAKE?
    Before the haters answer, I know how to spell *read* I just accidently missed the ‘a’

    I know how some of you are at making dumb comments about stuff like that. thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Real. No matter what size.

      There are tons of dangers with regards to breast implants.

      Infections, ruptures, incisions not closing, too big to be proportionate, etc.

      What size is she and what does she want to go to? How old/tall/weight is she?

      Guys like all shapes and sizes and most of the ones I know hate the FEEL of implants.

      Love your body.

    OK i need help badly…..?
    me and my brother are having an aurgument that led into a bet. im 25 he is 28 and his wife wants breast implant. i think they are discusting.
    he and she seems to think that there so nice and nothing can go wrong. i need pics of implants gone wrong and pics of breast implants and natural breast as well. the only thing is that i need the pics copied and pasted to email because i am unable to open them.
    MY EMAIL is: lonidontknow@yahoo.com
    ten points to the best and ugliest pics.

    • ANSWER:

    question for women that have had breast implants? have you had complications?
    i’ve been wanting breast implants for a while now. i’m 24 years and i’m a 32b and i just feel they would make me feel more complete. i want to start looking into it a little more. i know theres a risk that somethng can go wrong. maybe not right away but later. please tell me about your experience. i live in california and would love to get some recomendations on plastic surgeons. how did you choose your surgeon? was it very painful? do you regret it now? how much did it cost you? how did you finance it? iknow its alot of questions, but any info will help.

    please i dont want to hear the you shouldn’t get them, be happy with yourself, and the bla, blah, blah, blah. i know i’ve heard it b4. i’m just asking a question okay. thanks for the ppl that will actually answer my question and not lecture me. thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Breast Implants surgery is very safe nowadays. My cousin got her breast reduction, tummy tuck and facelift surgery in India by the company called Forerunners Healthcare .The Price for the surgery she paid in India was very less. She paid 30% of the cost she was quoted in America.

      Forerunners Healthcare is very famous in India. They arrange cosmetic and plastic surgery for foreigners in India. I read a lot about them in the Newspapers and about their patient stories. They arrange financing for USA, Canadian, UK and other international patients who plan to have surgery abroad for low price, as the breast reduction, tummy tuck, facelift and other cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance. They also have photos pasted of their International patients. You can checkout their website. There are huge cost savings. As a doctor I personally believe that surgery can be easily handled in India, as the quality of healthcare available In India is simply best in the world. The surgeons are USA/UK trained and facilities are 5 star.


      Hope this helps.

    Thinking about breast implants. Any horror stories or suggestions?
    Almost all of my friends have had them and all without a hitch. Im still nervous of what could go wrong. Anyone?

    • ANSWER:
      As a mammographer, I am not a fan of breast implants. As we know, early detection of breast cancer DOES save lives. It is very hard to find an early breast cancer on mammography, even with improved techniques. The implant hides the breast tissue on the film. Please research this aspect of it. If you still decide to have implants, have them put in BEHIND the chest wall. That will allow a bit more breast tissue to be imaged during mammography. Good luck to you and please do your homework!

      Here are what some “experts” say. You can go to the links for additional info:

      Breast implant interference with imaging breast tissue, with between 22% and 83% of mammographically visualizable breast tissue obscured by breast implants. http://www.fda.gov/cdrh/breastimplants/b…
      In women without implants, mammography detected 67% of cancers. In women with implants, mammography detected 45% of cancers. http://www.breastcancer.org/breast_impla…
      Screening mammography missed 55% of breast cancers in women with implants, compared with only 33% among women without implants. http://www.menagainstbreastcancer.org/on…

    has anybody had breast surgery that went wrong?
    i had a breast lift and implant last year and i am not happy with the results and don’t know what to do next? the surgeon has said he will operate again but i don’t know what to do???
    hi thanx for your reply. i don’t no were to start with what im not happy with.i had a breast lift, implant and my nipples made smaller.i only wanted to be a size dd and i measure a g cup.my left breast is bigger than yhe right, the scars are raised and bumpy, they are droopy and my right nipple is much bigger than the left but the worst thing is there is a big ridge under my left breast u can see the implant above the ridge. it looks disgusting.

    • ANSWER:
      I haven’t had breast surgery myself, but I’m a nurse who’s worked in a few different plastic surgery centers, the last one of which I was an O.R. Supervisor. What is it about the results that you’re unhappy with? Are they different sizes? Do you have puckering? Obvious incision scars? Whatever it is that you’re not happy with the surgeon could probably fix by doing surgery again. That’s usually the answer you will get from any plastic surgeon you ask. That’s probably going to be the only way to fix the problem, but I don’t know what the problem is so it’s hard to say. Do you not want to go back in to surgery?

      *****Wow, that’s a huge size! Sounds like the doctor didn’t get the left implant all the way under the muscle, that’s what would cause the ridge. It would also cause the appearance difference. If the left implant is sitting up on top of the muscle and the right implant is sitting beneath the muscle, they’re going to look different in size and shape. The scars being raised and bumpy sounds like the stitching wasn’t done correctly or that you have dark pigmented skin, are you African American by chance? The doctor should’ve used what’s called a “cookie cutter” to size your nipples so that they both came out the same size. I hate to say it, but from what you’re saying it sounds like you had a pretty bad doctor. How did you find this doctor? Did you do any research on him before you went in for the surgery? Did you view any before and after photos of his work, talk to any of his previous patients, anything like that? When it comes to elective surgery, especially cosmetic surgery, you should really do your homework on the doctor you’re thinking about going under the knife with. Your best option now is to have the surgery re-done. You’re kind of in a bad situation though because if you go back to the same doctor then he should redo the surgery for free. He can also change the size of the implants if you’re not happy with them but he’ll probably charge you for the new implants. Or you could go to a new doctor for the repair but he’d charge you a few thousand dollars for that. It just depends on how comfortable you feel going back to the same doctor. I hope that helps! Email me if you’d like to continue this conversation in private. jennib_69@yahoo.com. Take care!

    can a sixteen year old get breast implants.?
    ill be seventeen in 3 months. my parents said yes , and im going for a breast exam monday.
    im going to ask my docter about it bout im so paraniod i wont be able to cause of my age.

    i have a small A cup and a C cup breast. when i get my periods the c one is the only one that gets pains n swells sometimes. i dont know whats wrong with the other one . i remember getting a really bad titty twister where the kid grabbed my whole boobed n fucking twisted it n i was crying n in pain for hours when i was 13. i really think that could be a possible reason why but who knows. my mom says my aunts breast was the same way and she told me what it was called but i dont remember . so yeah you think i can get breast implants ? i live in new york. also you think if theres something wrong like wut was wrong with my aunts my insurance would help pay for it ? cause i dont know how i would get the money for it by summer /:
    LOL im a weirdo ? cause i had idiot guy friends who thought titty twisters were funny ? or becuz im gunna be 17 id like to feel confident in a tank top or bikini ? . i wasnt asking weather u thought my body was done growing its my body and im pretty positive that i can tell if my own body is pretty much done growing or not.

    • ANSWER:
      with parent consent yes but it might be hard trying to find a doctor who will do it on a minor

    Breast implants research…?
    I’m trying to do more research.. (im having the procedure done)… But there so many websites with information that is blocked at my job. I’ve seen many real life stories with women who have had an excellent procedure while others who didn’t have a good experience. Can someone help me out by telling me the % of women who are actually happy with results with no health problems compared to the procedure gone wrong? Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      My mother in-law has hers done, she was in pain of course, but she likes them now!

    Are breast implants just for cosmetic purposes a sin in the religion you follow?
    Is make-up a sin? How far does it have to go before it’s sinful? Is it sinful to look good? Is it sinful to be sexy? Is it okay to be sexy if you’re married but not if you’re single?

    What does your religion have to say about being attractive? Is it wrong to want to make the opposite sex want you?

    • ANSWER:
      My “religion” is exactly what the bible says. I feel there is nothing wrong w/make-up, surgery, etc… And it is not a sin to look good……except when you are crossing lines. i.e. improper dress, crossing sexual boundaries, etc..) It is not wrong for me to make my self attractive to men (when I was single of course), but to do that in lustful ways is. In other words, if a guy is totally lusting after me & I’m dressed modestly, than he is in the wrong. If I am dressed 1/2 naked and causing him to lust, I am accountable as well!!

    For those who have had breast implants (only)?
    I need some personal experience advice on whether i should get breast implants or not. Was it worth the pain and money? Did anything go wrong? How bad did it hurt from 1 to 10? How much did it cost u, if u live in tx? Does it affect breast feeding in the future. I need a play by play experience :) Just any details will be greatly appreciated. I am 20 about 5’4 120pds with a very very small A. What size would u recommend? thax a million

    • ANSWER:
      My wife had silicone implants done about a year ago. She found a doctor in SLC, Ut that uses a low pain quick recovery method as long as their is no lift involved. She went from an A cup to a full C with a 375 cc implant. The results are really nice uniform breasts that feel and look natural. We are both very happy with the results.

      because of the type of procedure used she experianced light pain that was controlled with Advil. at no point did she need perscription pain medication. she had the surgery on thursday morning and was back at work and attending college classes by the next tuesday.

      if you have more questions contact me I’m sure she would be glad to answer them and possibly provide before and after photo’s

    Why are WOMEN so dumb and get breast implants/lip augmentation?
    WOMEN, these surgeries look AWFUL from a man’s perspective. TRUST US.

    -we would rather you have A/B cups than D cups that sag down to your stomache.

    -we would rather you have breasts that look natural, than two waterbags

    -we would be more attracted to you if when we’re massaging your breasts, we feel you and not some bag of saline

    -we can tell if they are fake from 5 miles away, fake breasts tend to push away from eachother and leave a big gap where cleavage should be. this isnt attractive.

    if you are going to get breast implants, get the smallest ones possible. but honestly it isnt helping any aside from some ‘initial attention’ (which you will get from the wrong guys)

    source: www.awfulplasticsurgery.com
    sorry about the DUMB remark

    women arent dumb

    • ANSWER:
      I perosnally dont think women need to have implants… (personal preferance)

      I think girls are fine as they are….

    Should i get breast implants when i turn 21?
    Ok im 19 years old and i want to get breast implants. i want to wait till i turn 21 because thats when for woman human body stop developing as i heard. I am a 32 A cup but i think im 34 A now. anyways i always wanted breast because i barely have cleavage mostly all my friends got bigger breast than me even smaller cousins. My wonderful boyfriend said there’s nothing wrong with me that im beautiful. But of course hes going to say that. IDK i just feel like that would bring my self esteem up. should i get them or should i just leave my natural body alone? please help any advice would be helpfull

    • ANSWER:
      I’m sure no one will listen to my opinion, but I think natural is beautiful. Are big plastic tits worth all of the money? NO. If it’s the only way to make you feel better about yourself then go for it, but we ALL come in different shapes and sizes and that is how it should be. A cups are just as beautiful as C or D cups.

    Did you know this about breast implants?
    I got my breast implants in 1988. No problems with them AT ALL. NONE…Until I developed heart problems. I went in for some extensive cardiac testing, one of which was an ultrasound of the heart. They were unable to view the entire heart because the breast implants are in the way.

    Breast implants boost your confidence, but when something happens and the doctors need to see the heart, you’re kinda screwed.

    The only way to get a good view of my heart is through a heart cath. Even a CT from the back is impossible…I thought it would reveal something. Wrong. Can’t see through the lungs and ribcage…I guess…

    So when considering breast implants….weigh the pros with the cons.

    • ANSWER:
      so you had the same implants for 20years?
      thats VERY unhealthy!!!

      theyre supposed to be taken out every 7 years or so

      they check you everytime you get them done;
      typically you get a mamogram && cardiac exam done
      before they give you new implants.

      if u choose to get new ones =)

    Breast Implants, can I have some opinions and actual facts? Please?
    Okay, so I’ve thought long and hard about this and I can’t make a decision. I’ve told myself it’s not necessary and I know this might sound like the regular response, but I would feel a lot more confident about myself if my breasts were a little bigger. I’m 21 yrs old and i know they aren’t going to grow naturally anymore, they stopped a long time ago … I wear a 34 B size bra but i never fit right in them (im too small) , then i’ve thought maybe i’m just wearing the wrong size so ill wear a 34 A ( and its too tight) believe me i have tried every size every bandwidth. so i’ve been thinking about implants to make it so i can wear a 34 b and fill it properly..

    dont get me wrong i am a very confident woman, without a shadow of a doubt, ive always thought about breast implants but decided to let nature take its course. and ive delt with my size and ignored that im annoyed by it …
    sometimes i think they arent that bad but theyre small like i could ot wear a bra and im flat, or i can put on a bra and theyre just there, no cleavage no plumpness, just small…..like paris hiltons or like this (got to this link)


    i dont want to go crazy and get watermelons but i would like grapfuits or a little smaller even. just something fuller looking

    also i need to know the risks, dont they have to be replaced every ten yrs? so if you could some opinions, real facts, and any other helpful info please and thank you :)

    • ANSWER:
      silicon does feel more natural.

      although i do understand that you don’t want to overdo it, and because you are smaller than average to begin with, going too far will actually make them look worse, so you got the right idea with moderation, but one problem women have often is that after implants, they regret not going bigger.

      so google the rice bag test for implants. its were you take a bag of rice, and each lb of rice equals a certain amount of cc’s for an implant, so you can get a better estimate of how big you actually want to go.

      they usually do need to be replaced every 10 years or so. and the risks are the same for any surgery. implants aren’t invasive though, and worse case scenario is you end up…disfigured, but those chances are low. just make sure you go with a good, experienced doctor. you will, obviously, be in a lot of pain after the surgery, but when that passes, and the implants drop (when you get them, they are really high up until they drop down and look natural).

      also, after the implants, your breasts will be swollen, and make it seem like you are bigger than you are. the swelling will go down. so either 2 things will happen, you will be annoyed you are that big, and they will shrink to the size you want, and you will be happy, or you will be happy with how big they are when they are swollen, and they will shrink and you will be sad you didn’t go bigger.

      most of the problems will be psychological. so be prepared for that.

    Wife wants breast implants, but I love her the way she is, no complaints, what do I do?
    Why? Why? Why?
    She’s surrounded by buffoons who have them or want them. I just don’t get why would you do that to yourself. Especially with the risks and the scars that you can get. If you want to look better then why would you want scars? Doesn’t make sense.

    I love every inch of my wife’s body and wouldn’t trade her for any woman on tv or magazines, she has always known that and she has always known that I am against implants. Every once in a blue moon she has made comments like “what if she got them” whenever I was making fun of somebody with them. Now after 12yrs in her 30′s she says she wants them. She hasn’t even bother to sit down and talk to me like a mature adult and give me the pros & cons and why she really wants them (she doesn’t exactly come from a family that knows how to communicate or taught their kids self esteem=her sister has implants)

    She gets compliments from people but I guess she’s not satisfied because it’s not about her rack.
    Why does she need this particular compliment?

    I wish I was a bit taller but my self esteem is not that low where I would consider surgery to get taller, I find that crazy and absurd. She loves me the way I am, I love her the way she is, I thought that was the perfect recipe so why has she always had this self esteem issue?

    She gets compliments from me on her breasts and other body parts but I guess they mean nothing because she just rejects them, she doesn’t accept any compliments I make about her body but yet she gets mad if I don’t compliment her on how nice she looks when we go out, WTF? I don’t pay much attention to the piece of fabric she’s wearing (heck, I rather stay home and enjoy her body than go out on the town in nice clothes) although I must say when she wears certain outfits she looks smoking hot but she’s still not satisfied with my or other peoples compliments.

    I always spot implants, she’s pretty good at spotting them too. I just complain about how hard they look or how they don’t match the person’s body or how you can see the ripple when they bend over. I DON’T LIKE THEM. I’m a real man and I like real women, of course I like big breasts, read that again please, big breasts, not big implants, it’s a foreign object in your body, not a turn on.

    I dated girls with big breast before my wife, I dated them for who they were not what they had.

    I don’t know what to do, I believe people need therapy not surgery.

    I’ve made a couple of negative comments about myself over the years, she just responds with “there’s nothing wrong with you” – so why can’t she accept the same from me?

    What do I do?
    Even if she gets them it will always bother me, no matter how natural they look I will always know that there is some saline or silicone bags in there, a complete turn off.
    Daniella: yes you can it’s called limb lengthening. Little people do it. You can do anything now, but you still can’t cure cancer or find the cure for the common cold.

    Karrie: outsiders do tell her she looks good but she doesn’t believe them either.

    Coral: are you suggesting that I need therapy because I’m a real man? Would you rather she had a jerk who always told her “say honey can you get implants so you can look like Pamela Anderson, because I like big boobs and yours are too small”?

    • ANSWER:
      Tell her exactly what you told us. If you guys have kids, then one of the reasons she wants implants could be because she doesn’t like the way gravity took over after having them. It’s her choice, but you have a right to tell her how you feel. It seems like she doesn’t even know that it bothers you when you compliment her but she brushes it off. Just talk to her, and let her know how you feel, and get her opinion on why she wants them. Make her give you pros and cons, same way you would if (for example) you wanted to get that operation to be taller.

    Is it possible that Saline Breast Implants could cause a EKG to give a false positve for Left Ventrical Hypotropy <---Spelled wrong LVH is the abbreviation for this. Anyway, I went and had a Echocardiogram done and haven't got the results back yet but I am just nervous as I was just diagnosed with high blood pressure high was 140/100 and I was put on 5mg of Amolodipine 1 time a day. And now my pressure drops as far low as 98/64 with the meds. I am overweight. 241 pounds and 5ft 7.. But I have lost 9 pounds and steadily loosing. I just don't want to die young and am taking this all really hard. My uncle died of Coronary Artery diesase and had a rejected heart transplant. I did used to drink not daily but would reallly do it up on the weekends like at least 15 beers and maybe a shot or two of tequila or rum. So I know I have to make life changes but this has really got me worried. Can it be reversed? I am only 38 years old. Any insight would be great. I guess the good things is I am not diabetic and doc says weightloss will more than likely take me off the meds.. Thanks for any advice....

    • ANSWER:
      An EKG measures the electrical activity of the heartbeat, thus, implants will have no effect of the outcome of your EKG reading.

    Breast Implants! Scars/Proceedures ?
    Hi! :)
    Could anyone tell me some things about Breast Implants ?
    I am considering getting them when i’m a little older.. But i have heard they leave VERY noticable scars underneath the breasts.
    I don’t think it’s an option for me if the scars will be there forever.
    But i have heard about people getting it done through their navels (belly buttons) and their armpits ?
    I’m not quite sure what that is..
    And what is the material they put inside ?
    And what is the best/most realistic ?

    Also i read somewhere that if women in their 20s 30s or 40s have it done then 50% of them will have another opperation to fix them because it goes wrong.
    I have no idea what that’s all about.
    So what are the risks ?
    I know it’s a huge decission! If i do get them, it is just going to be a nice size.. I’m not a fan of the whole “Barbie-Doll” look.
    What is your oppinion ?
    Thankyou! :)

    • ANSWER:
      It’s a complicated procedure, which makes it a complicated decision.
      You have choices of what they put inside depending on how much you want to spend and where you go. Most people get the saline water now instead of the silicone, because they feel a little bit more real.
      You can get it done under the breast, through the nipple, through the armpit, and through the bellybutton. Bellybutton has the shortest recovery time.
      Alot of people who get them have to get them “fixed” but this is true with all surgeries. I think most cosmetic surgeries have a 10yr warranty on them, so you will most likely have to go get them “fixed” or “touched up” within 10yrs or so. That’s why it’s important to find a really good cosmetic surgeon and make sure they have photos of jobs they’ve done in the past. If they have updates after the first procedure, look at those too.
      You can get infections from the surgery just like any other, so that’s a risk.
      See if you can find out where a celebrity got there’s done at. They will cost a lot, but you might as well put up the money if you wanna look good and keep looking good. They might not even be in the US.
      I was thinking about getting the same procedure done, and I swear Hilary Duff had to have gotten breast implants because hers grew a dramatic difference while she only gained maybe 10lbs. Her’s look VERY real so if I decide to get them, I will try to find out where she got her’s done at.
      Good luck.

    What do you think of breast implants and should I get them?
    Hi there. I’m 23 years old. I’m 5’5″ my bra size is 34A and planning to go to a 34C. But the problem is that I’ve been wanting to undergo breast augmentation since I can remember. Even though people see me as beautiful, I’m still bothered by this idea of getting breast implants. The reason on why I want this is because I believe it will help me have some confidence whenever wearing nice clothes. Although I’ve never been in a two-piece swimsuit, that is the reason on why I wanna get implants so I get the attention and opinions that other girls like me get. I always see my brothers and guy friends ogling at girls with bigger boobs and it makes me feel like I’ve being completely floored and overshadowed. My body is OK, I work out every day and I sport a quite slim but fit body, but when I go to the store and see swimsuits I’m like:”That is not for me,” even though nothing is wrong. Whenever I hear the word “swimsuit” the first thing that omes to my mind is that I need bigger boobs to look nice in one, and that they are not suited for flat-chested girls. But I wanna feel and look hot and sexy for summer time. I know that I’m old enough to get a procedure like that, even though I have NOT been to a plastic surgeon’s office. But at the same time, I try not to become extremely obsessive about this. Should I get breast implants or not? Would it be worth it? Will it change my life?

    • ANSWER:
      I think you should. I had breast implants 6 years ago for similar reasons.

    Are breast implants safe?
    I’ve been a lot of research on breast implants, im thinkin about getting my breast done in the next year. Im a smalled framed person. 5ft3in, 121pounds. I’ve even talked to a couple of people and surgeons about the procedure. I know that there are risks but we take risks everyday. Im not trying to get to get anything to big. So if there is any1 outh there that can give me advice plz I will be more than happy to hear it. Also if these any1 who has ever had them plz let me kno if u have had and problems or if anything went wrong. Plz. I need answers.

    • ANSWER:
      I had mine done 2006 and love them! So far, I haven’t had any problems. I had a very good cosmetic surgeon who had me get a lot of tests prior to the operation. I wanted them bigger but he said if your pockets are small. . . don’t stuff them because they won’t look natural and he was absolutely right. They look very natural and I’m happy with them. Good Luck!

    getting breast implants in a different state/country?
    so im just curious if you get breast implants in a different state or country from where you are living how many times do you gotta go to replace it?I heard it was every 10 years? Something i’m worried about is what “if” something wrong happened to it. can u just go to a surgeon in your area or would you need to go all the way back to where you got them done?
    sorry im just asking cause im thinking of getting them done soon.
    please give a answer if you know it,and not if your just gnna say dont get it,cause im obviously going to get them done

    • ANSWER:

    Question about Breast Implants — EXPERIENCE PEOPLE ONLY PLEASE!?
    I am very self conscious about my breast, I am a 34 sometime 32 A and I am 20 years old. I get depressed sometime shopping for clothes because shirts do not fit me, I can fill them out and nothing looks good or cute when its low cut because it just looks baggy on top! Its so annoying. Lately I have been think a lot about implants, but I have a feeling my parents would be totally against it, I still live at home and are close with them so I would want their support and opinion.
    Im also scared of the pain afterwards.. and what if something goes wrong during the srugrys.

    If people who have them could please give me some insight, ive never really cared but im 20 turn 21 in about 6 months and i feel like i look young, and im not mature because they are so small. I wouldnt want to get like D cups just something that will fill shirts and make them look decent on me….and to have cleavage that would be awesome one day.

    • ANSWER:
      I had a 32B when I got my implants. I wanted something larger so I went to a 32D when I turned 18. I love them and I love the reaction I receive because of them now. I look more mature and I had little pain after the surgery. I have not had problems with them and I do not have noticeable scaring.

    anyone with breast implants…some questions.?
    I am considering getting breast implants as I have always been incredibly small but I breastfed 2 kids and it’s like they have gotten even smaller. I just had day surgery and reacted to the anestetic so I am a bit worried about it and also if much can go wrong in future years. I realise that the new silicon ones are safe but have also heard of saline. Not sure which ones to go with as I saw a demonstration and the saline looked like they bust easily. Also, I was wondering how painful recovery time is, how long it takes to recover, and also if anyone has regreted it after getting it done? Would it be day surgery or would I stay in the hospital for a bit? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Well I was in the exact same boat as you 3 years ago. I had the umbilical (where they put the incision through the belly button). They were put under the muscle. I got saline because silicone was not available. I did tons of research on the surgeons in my area. When I had the procedure done I went to his facility, was put under anesthetic and was able to leave after I woke up. As far as the pain for me: it was a 9 1/2 out of 10. I blew through the prescription of percocet and had to get another filled. Forget about moving your arms. My husband had to lift me out of bed. But I have no regrets. Before i had the surgery they were like 2 rubber bands hanging from my chest and now they are fantastic and I am happy I did it. In the end I paid ,900 3 years ago.

    How should I feel about my girlfriend wanting breast implants?
    My girlfriend is 25 and has a really beautiful body, great shape and small perky breasts which I absolutely love. She is very vocal about health, unprocessed, natural, whole foods, etc., and natural cures and a natural lifestyle in general. She always talks down on what she calls “bimbos” and in general conversations will be quick to point out that woman should be strong and not do things just because society says so…you get the idea. And I definitely agree with that view. We’ve talked about her breasts; I love them, but she is unhappy with their size and even gets mad at me when I tell her how beautiful she is. Recently, she not only has become adamant about getting breast implants to bring her to a large B/small C, but even tries to rub it in my face because she knows that I can’t stand the idea. I have known several women who wish they had never gotten them. Even though they’d never admit it in public, in private with close friends they say they are unhappy or something went wrong, the scarring etc., and you can never go back once you have it done. I don’t want this to happen to the girl I love and want to marry, but it seems nothing can be done to change her mind. I am having trouble accepting this because I don’t want a girl with fake body parts, especially when she claims that she’s all about a natural, healthy lifestyle. I really try to be open minded about everything but I have trouble with this one. Am I being selfish and looking at this all wrong, and should be only concerned with how she feels about herself and her body? I want nothing more than to be supportive of the girl I love, but I can’t help but feel this will be a huge mistake that she will deeply regret. It makes me so sad that I feel it may even break up our relationship. Your thoughts please?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to tell her everything you just said here! If you have then you need to try and keep telling her that you don’t want her to change it and suggest that she wait longer on the idea. If she waits longer then she will think about it more and hopefully change her mind.

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