Enhance Your Breasts Naturally

Big Breast Augmentation

Big breast forms offer a painless solution for breast enhancement. They are made to conform perfectly to your body’s unique physique. Breast forms will compliment your body’s shape to make you look stunning, sexier, and more attractive. The best varieties of breast forms are the silicone breasts. These enhancement products closely resemble the feel, shape, and natural bounce of a real breast. That is why silicone breast forms are very popular among women who want to augment their breasts without going under the knife.

All women deserve to have a perfectly shaped body. Enhancing femininity can have a great impact on self-confidence. If you know that you have perfectly shaped breasts, almost every aspect of your social life will definitely improve. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a good body form. In fact, the majority of women are not satisfied with the shape or size of their breasts. If you are faced with this kind of problem, the best thing that you can do is to use modern big breast forms. Using slip-on silicone breasts is the safest breast enhancement method that you can try. Silicone breast form is very convenient, completely hassle-free, and totally painless way of instantly improving the look and shape of your breasts.

Silicone breasts forms are very effective in highlighting your cleavage and augmenting the bust line. With these big breast forms, you will not experience any usage problem. Just wear the breast forms and you will instantly enjoy instant size augmentation as well as cleavage expansion. Silicone breasts are ultra lightweight and you can use them on any type of sexy lingerie. Big breast forms are also compatible with halter tops, swim wear, and all types of bras. Application of breast forms is also easy. In most cases, the only thing that you have to do is to slip the silicone breasts forms inside your bra. The big breasts forms will comfortably adhere to the surface of your breast and will be supported primarily by the big bra. Once fitted, the breast forms will define the shape of your bust so you can have a lovely figure.
When choosing breast forms, size is particularly important. You have to ensure that the dimension of your breast forms will be proportional to the natural width of your breast. If you are too skinny, then it is strongly advised to find a smaller silicone type breast form in order to get a perfect figure. Most manufacturers of breast forms advise against using adhesives for the breast forms. The adhesive could permanently damage the silicone material and your skin could develop a rash if you are allergic. A bigger sized and tight bra is needed to secure the breast forms. The enhancement could slip out of your breasts if the bra is too loose.
So if you have a small undefined bust or a breast cancer survivor who lost one or both breasts, then the silicone breast forms are your best solutions to regain the natural contours of your body. This is a cheaper option, convenient and totally painless.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Should I get breast augmentation, nose fixed or big diamond ring?
    My husband wants me to augment my breasts and fix my nose. I just want a big diamond ring. Will the surgery get me my diamond ring down the road? Do husbands treat you better when you undergo augmentation for them?

    • ANSWER:
      I’d go for the girls popping up. That way if you ever decide to get a new hubby, you have some extra ammo. What kind of advantage is the ring gonna bring in long term?

    How big can you go with a breast augmentation?
    I am almost flat and I would like to know how big I can go I am now a 32A.

    • ANSWER:
      As big as you want to, without looking fake and incredibly unbelievable. I think if you go to an small B or C cup you’ll be okay. It really depends on how much you weigh, and your body build. If after the surgery you still arent satisfied, go bigger but i suspect there will be more of a risk that something may go wrong with the surgery.

    How big should I go with my breast augmentation?
    I am 4’11 105lbs and a 34A. I want at least a D cup what do you think.

    • ANSWER:
      a D is too big. I say C…

    What is a nice big size to go to with my breast augmentation?
    I am 19 5’0″ and 102lbs and an A cup what is a really nice really large size for me to go to.

    • ANSWER:
      Try C cup.

    How do i make them bigger naturally, no breast augmentation.?
    My breast are’nt all that big, even though people do tend to notice them i want to make them bigger!. How do i make them grow larger quickly in a nautural way? Please eveyone that has been through this experience help!!?

    • ANSWER:
      If people are already noticing them, then why do you want them to grow? ;-) Seriously, there is NO natural way to make your breasts
      grow bigger, besides hormones orally or by injection (dangerous and expensive!). Very rarely do today’s birth control pills have this
      side effect (the old ones in the 70′s had almost 4 times the hormones that current ones have). Like someone implied earlier,
      you can get them to LOOK bigger with specialized bras. Fredrick’s
      of Hollywood has their pushup and water bra types that can make
      you look quite bigger……..

    How big can i go with breast augmentation?
    i’m a b34

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on a bunch of factors. The only way you can really know is to speak with your individual doctor.

    Right now i have a 32B cup size and i want a breast augmentation…how big should i go?

    i’m 25 and 5’9…i thought i’d throw that in there

    • ANSWER:
      weight? if your skinney and get a D cup then thats a major NO. they would look so fake.

      anyways get a C cup, dont get D or bigger. please.

    How much would a breast augmentation from a very small A-Cup to a B-Cup cost ?
    I am thinking about this, but I have no idea what the price range is? It wouldn’t be a very big augmentation, unlike if I were to get a C cup while having a 32-34 A cup at the moment. Does anyone know how much it would cost to go from A to B?

    • ANSWER:
      You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here – health-quotes.isgreat.org

    Is breast augmentation safe enough to get bigger breast?
    Always wonder maybe I want my breast little bigger although I wear 34 B.
    Does a bigger breast fits to a 5’3 or 5’4 girl?

    • ANSWER:

    I’m getting a breast augmentation… how big should I go?
    August 1 is the big day! I meet with my doc in a couple of weeks to determine final size of the implants. I am a small B currently, and I have an average frame, not skin and bones. I used to be a small C before having children, and I’m thinking I want to go to full C. Looking for opinions from those that have had implants or know about them… Thanks :)

    P:S: I am not looking for comments like I shouldn’t get the procedure done. I have researched the topic and have already made the decision to get it done.

    • ANSWER:

    At what point are breast considered big?
    I am currently a small B big A and I am getting a breast augmentation and I want to know when breasts are considered big because I want bigger than that.

    • ANSWER:
      At my old size E so go bigger big is awesome.

    Thinking about getting breast augmentation?
    I am thinking about getting breast augmentation to make my breast bigger. Who has had the surgery, and is it worth it? What do you think? Who would you recommend?

    • ANSWER:
      Before looking further into breast augmentation, you should first consider your reasons for considering it. Are you unhappy with your body? Are others unhappy with it? What is important to you?

      When you are sure you are doing it for the right reasons, research it more on the internet. Research the procedures, the recovery necessary, the risks, etc. Once you are comfortable with all of this, seek out a licenced plastic surgeon.

      Recently on the television show ‘The Doctors’ I saw a new technology that allows potential recipients of implants what they would look like one or several cup sizes larger. It shows you how the breasts will fit your frame before you decide to get them done.

      Cost of implants varies by the type you choose to receive: In Canada, saline implants can cost 00-7000, and cohesive gel implants can cost 00-9000.

      I’m not sure where you live, but you should visit http://www.canadaba.ca/ if you live in Canada. You can view a large list of surgeons available in each province. This is also a great informational site. If you live in the US, there is probably a comparable site, but you should check it out for the multitude of information it offers regardless!

    Should I get breast augmentation if I am a C cup?
    I am 16 years old and I am at a 36C. I am fairly content with my boobs, though I wish they were bigger. If I were to get breat augmentation, how big would they be?
    I would like to be a DD, like Jwoww.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m 36C too!.. only mine have gotten bigger because I’m 12. O.o anyways I think super big boobs could cause back problems for the future. I was told 36C was a decent size. Not to big, and not to small.

    10 days ago I had breast augmentation. How much will the swelling go down?! They are too big!!?

    • ANSWER:
      Will you EVER get satisfied, LOL. First they were 2 small, now u got fake ones and they are 2 big…just poke them with a sewing needle and let some of the jell out until u get the size you want…

    I’m having breast augmentation surgery. Is 360cc’s too big, because I’m skinny?
    I’m having surgery on march 15th cohesive gel unders. Anyone know if 360cc’s is too big for a skinny flat chested girl?

    • ANSWER:
      if you are really skinny it will look weird as u know. Go like 34c. Just because u are flat chested doesnt mean when u get work done u should be over the top. The point is to look natural so 34c 36c may look fine but dont do doubles.

    Breast augmentation question for women who have actually had the procedure done?
    I have researched the price of an augmentation and was just wondering since there is a variety of prices what does it all depend on? Is it by how big you get them or what kind of incision or type of breast that you get. If you get them smaller will they cost less than if you get them bigger? I know all doctors charge different but I was just wondering what they go by. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Hello I had mine done last year and the price was 00 he gave me a list of what it all went towards like surgery room fee, implants and time and so on the price doesn’t change with size but does change with the type (ex: saline or silicone) I could also see it depending on incision price not sure though I went with the typical areaola incision. The best thing to do is go have a consultation some plastic surgeon do free consultations (mine did) and they will write you up a list of everything the money goes into and what type of loans they will do and all that. Also if you need help finding a great plastic surgeon I recommend implantinfo.com they have a discussion forum and the women are always nice and willing to answer your questions and that’s where I found my plastic surgeon adn was extremely happy. If you have anymore questions feel free to email me.

    Is it possible that insurance will cover a breast Augmentation?
    One of my breasts is a big A and the other is a big C, it is way obvious and its hard to deal with. I am 22 now and im pretty sure im done growing. Do you think tis possible that insurance will cover part of the procedure or am i dreaming?

    • ANSWER:
      healthplans.my-age.net – here is my health insurance plan. As I remember they can provide such a service.

    Best way to figure out size to get for breast augmentation?
    My wife is getting breast augmentation. She doesn’t know what size to go with or ways to try it out and figure out what she likes. She is worried she will get it done then not like it but to late then since already done. Either be to small since she went to conservative or to big. Any good ideas how to sorta test the waters before she gets it done permantenly. So she can look at it in the mirror, in clothing, bathing suits and all that stuff. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      When she goes for her consult, she should be able to try on various breast implant sizers in her bra to see what size she would like to go with. Surgeons will only increase breasts 1-2 cup sizes maximum.

      I also suggest she visits the website below for more comprehensive information. HTH.

    I had a Breast Augmentation and i started also birth control pills?
    I had a breast augmentation 2 months ago, i started yesterday birth control pills, do you think that i will have any problems? are my breast gonna grow even bigger? well i dont have any problem if they grow but im worried about cancer?? is that possible?

    • ANSWER:
      Everyone reacts differently. You could get bigger, which would be awesome (I’m a guy, you gotta expect that reaction :p)

      You might not have any reaction. But as your worry about cancer? I’ve never heard of birth control causing cancer. You should be fine :D

    Breast Augmentation question only answer if you have had one?
    I am getting a breast augmentation and I want your opinion on how big i should go. I am now 5’7″ 132 and a B cup. I want to be a DD. from what size to what size did you go?

    • ANSWER:
      Ask your doctor if he thinks your body will be able to support this. My friend is about that size and she got DD and she hates them, they are so big and heavy that they hurt her. She can’t EVER go without a bra because they pull and hurt her back and she cant even find cute bras that fit so she wears bathing suit halter tops. She is saving money to get them redone smaller, so just take that into consideration.

    Breast Augmentation good or bad?
    I have big breasts and i was looking into getting them reduced, i know they leave scarring but i also saw there is a new non invasive procedure as well, has anyone else had this done and were you happy with the results?

    • ANSWER:
      Dont do it! Don’t reduce the amount of beauty in the world.
      Besides, there is always a risk involed with surgery. It depends on the skill of the surgeon but also the unknown risk of infection, side effects and the natural reaction of your body. (scar tissue) I know a person who had cosmetic surgery and the scar tissue looked worse than the original problem.

    Breast Augmentation at 18?
    Heyy, well i have always wanted to get a breast augmentation. Im only fifteen right now and i know i have time to think but this is something I have wanted for a while now and i doubt my oppinion will change. I have always loved the look of big breasts and im only a 36a :( It makes me feel really self conscious so i bought Nu bra breast enhancers and i usually wear them to get a fuller look. Im sick of wearing them and if i do this im doing it for myself. Have any of you gotten them done? How were the results? Thankss <3333

    • ANSWER:
      hun you are only 15 by the time your 18 im sure that ull have them grow a bit.
      breast implants arent something little its a huge risk health wise
      some people heal fine while others dont!
      i have a friend that had them a year ago and her body rejected the implants and she was basiclly dieing because of them
      think about it implants arent supose to be in your body period!
      so you can have the risk of rejecting the impants if i was you id think it over.
      i know you say your mind wont change but trust me it might you are young and trust me you wont think the same at 18 ur mind changes!
      so do some research on breast inplants and the risks!so go to the links n the bottem and check out the risk and the photos and read the cases of other women that have had complications.hope i helped



    My breasts are so small after my breast augmentation. Will they get bigger?
    Hello, I’m 19 and I had breast augmentation two weeks ago and my breasts are still so small. I was a very small A and I chose 400 cc of the memory gel implant for my surgery. I have looked at before and after pics os women who went from an A and had around 375-400 cc range of the memory gel implant also known as the gummy bear implant and I look nothing like the pictures. I spent 5k for a pair of boobs and I still don’t have a nice pair. I’m very disappointed in the outcome. Could someone please tell me if the implant will become larger after awhile and will my breast will have a larger and fuller appereance. My plastic surgeon and his assistant said it takes a while for the breast to full and to become unswollen, but I do not feel good about this at all. Please if you hade breast augmentation and you felt as though your breasts were not big and you were disappointed at first, but as time went on they totally changed please tell me.
    I got it done in brandon, FL.

    • ANSWER:
      Get them out asap if that’s an option, and be your sweet self – those guys don’t want you any good. They just want to profit 5K off of your insecurity every ten years. You shouldn’t become dependent on them for the rest of your life.

      Very small A is a beautiful size for a mature woman. And if you could be as powerful as a raccoon (who is ready to bite off its own foot if it got into a trap) then I for one would admire you for the rest of my life. It is sad with all those girls who think Dr. Plastic can bring them happiness, when he just wants their money, and don’t care about them at all.

    can swelling after breast augmentation occur again after the swelling had gone down?
    I had a breast augmentation almost 4 weeks ago and everything was fine post op. After the third week, I noticed that my swelling had gone down a bit. Although my right breast was slightly bigger than my left, but I knew that it was normal until about several days later, I woke up and noticed that my left breast had now gotten slightly bigger than my right. It just felt a lil bit heavier. The next morning, I was doing my routine massages and felt pain on the side of my left breast but it only hurts when I touched it. I called my PA and told me it was normal and said for me to take any anti-inflammatory drugs (advil, motrin etc.) i haven’t taken it yet because the pain has subsided and I am concern that I might have hematoma and don’t want to take advil etc for it will worsen it. Do you think I have some kind of a complication or is this a normal healing process? it’s just strange to me that I have swelling again after it’s gone down a lil bit.

    • ANSWER:
      You are right to be concerned, I mean, after the swelling starts getting down it should improve, but taking in count that this process usually takes about 6 weeks. I think your surgeon should evaluate you, ask for an appointment, anyhow he or she should reevaluate you after the procedure periodically for some time. Here you can read a bit more about complications in breast augmentation and try to compare if have any alarm sign http://www.aestheticandplastic.com/procedures/augmentation-mammoplasty.html

      Best luck :)

    whats the difference between a breast reduction and a breast augmentation?
    my breast are a 36D will my gp refer me for a reduction as I am not happy with them, I am a small framed person. dress size 12 but my tops have to be a 12-14. I have had two children and so you can imagine how well they look now! I am worried that he may say theyre are not big enough! I go to see him next week and I am so worried about this, i’ve been to see him once before and he said he would refer me but never did!

    • ANSWER:
      I think a breast augmentation is when you add more to your breasts. So you don’t want to go for that if you want them to be smaller.

      No doctor should tell you that your breasts need to be bigger. Unless they’re complete quacks, that is. If he/she tells you that, then don’t go with them. If you think they are too large, it is for you to decide and not the doctor.

    Will breast augmentation effect my tattoo?
    I have a tattoo on right under my right breast, I am considering getting breast augmentation soon. Will this move my tattoo or anything? Is there anything I could do about it?

    It isn’t a big tattoo its small
    Going B to C cup

    • ANSWER:
      You should be talking about this with a doctor. I don’t believe it will cause your tattoo to move, as they go in through the nipple and the skin of your breasts is stretchy to accomodate the new size. And just a bit of information: if you go through with it, consider going larger than a C cup. Just one size is not going to make that big of a difference and it costs the same to get the D cup. Most women who do this wish they would have gone larger within the first year.

    Who are some famous actresses in the United States who’ve had a breast augmentation?
    For my project in school I’m talking about women’s body figures, which a large portion is talking about how women change their bodies to look more attractive. I would really appreciate it if you could give me some names of recent hit actresses who’ve obviously enhanced their breasts through surgery. These examples will be a big help for my project since I’m not the best source for celebrity knowledge. If you could give me a link to recent photos that would be even better! Thank you in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster)

    What do you think of breast augmentations, What is too big? What is your size?

    • ANSWER:
      i think its ok & too big is like a size ddd or somthing im a 34c

    My girlfriend asked me to help her finance her breast augmentation surgery, what should I do?
    I have been dating my gf for four months. I enjoy her as a person and I am very attracted to her. I find her gorgeous. She has an image issue and wants a bigger cup for her breasts. She is an A and wants a full C. Issue is, she wants the surgery and is wiling to do just about anything for it. She offered me whatever I want. I have concerns about this. What should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      4 months, are you insane ???????

    How can somebody understand if a woman has done breast augmentation?
    1) How can plastic surgeons understand that even though a woman wears clothes??? That’s my BIG question!!!
    2)Can YOU understand that?
    Thanks in advance!♥

    • ANSWER:
      oMg.. I think that would almost be impossible for someone to know that a person has undergone breast augmentation unless he/she personally knows her… But here. iF the nipples’ color are light or baby pink… she might have undergone it esp. if she doesn’t look like having a caucasian breed…

    Breast augmentation or diamond earrings for my 30th?
    My husband wants to get me breast implants for my 30th. I’m not offended by this because I’ve always wanted bigger breasts, but I feel like 30 is a little old to have new boobs. I was hoping for some diamond earrings instead. Which do you think would be better? I expect rude comments from this question, but can we try to keep them to a mimium? Thanks.
    Let me edit this by adding: I’ve always wanted bigger boobs, but I never thought that my husband would be up for it. When he suggested it today I was pretty surprised. I just didn’t expect it at all.

    • ANSWER:
      Trust me, once you get the breast augmentation, you will get the diamond earrings. Matter of fact, you will probably get anything you want. Works with mine:)))

    I’m thinking about breast augmentation?
    I’m thinking about getting a breast augmentation surgery done. I have a few questions first. Okay, so I am 5ft 7in. I am about 120lbs and only a 34AA. I don’t know what size I should get, but would like to have much bigger breasts. What size should I get? Do you have a picture of what the size would look like on me? Also, would this be painful, and what does the surgeon do in the process of giving me new “breasts?” Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Nooooooooo! It makes breasts look unattractive afterwards. Leave the damn things alone!

    If a married christian sister chose to get breast augmentation (breast enhancement), while appearing bigger…
    If a married christian sister chose to get breast augmentation (breast enhancement), while appearing bigger… would her congregational privledges be take away even if she continues to dress modestly?
    (I’m aware that there are many opinions about this subject… but I am only looking for answers to this personal decision.)

    • ANSWER:

      Why should the Church be worried about her cup size?

    If my breasts are size A, should I get breast augmentation?
    I have otherwise hourglass curvy body. My husband says he does not care about how big my boobs are, but I find them embarrassing sometimes.

    • ANSWER:
      Breast augmentation is gross. They always look fake and weird looking afterward. Would you be happy if your husband got bicep implants to make him look stronger?

      Obviously your husband is happy (and he has every reason to be regardless of the size of your breasts), and you should be content with the body you have.

    Should I send my wife down for breast augmentation?
    Should I send my wife down to get her breasts augmented? I mean, I would like a change. I am unsure how big I want them and hope they have some models or something to look at before I decide what size I want.
    Does anyone know?
    Wait! what do you mean, ask her? I want bigger breasts, shouldn’t that be good enough? Shouldn’t she do what I want to keep me happy?

    • ANSWER:
      If you want them, then maybe you should get them! That should be good enough! Just think how happy you could be then!
      You wouldn’t have to even ask her! :D

    Just had Breast Augmentation a week ago. My left breast is significantly bigger than right one. Is this normal?
    I called my plastic surgeons nurse and she said its probably swelling and to wait a month to tell for sure what they look like. Has anyone had this same problem?

    • ANSWER:
      they could both end up looking the same and they both might not. you never know how they will turn out. on the bright side, if they aren’t the same size, they can be fixed in 10 yrs when you need to pay another 5-10 grand for new implants because they don’t last forever.

    Hello, I had breast augmentation two weeks ago and they are so small. Will they get bigger?
    Hello, I’m 19 and I had breast augmentation two weeks ago and my breasts are still so small. I was a very small A and I chose 400 cc of the memory gel implant for my surgery. I have looked at before and after pics os women who went from an A and had around 375-400 cc range of the memory gel implant also known as the gummy bear implant and I look nothing like the pictures. I spent 5k for a pair of boobs and I still don’t have a nice pair. I’m very disappointed in the outcome. Could someone please tell me if the implant will become larger after awhile and will my breast will have a larger and fuller appereance. My plastic surgeon and his assistant said it takes a while for the breast to full and to become unswollen, but I do not feel good about this at all. Please if you hade breast augmentation and you felt as though your breasts were not big and you were disappointed at first, but as time went on they totally changed please tell me.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Sweetie,

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling disappointed after your breast augmentation.

      Keep in mind that it’s normal to feel that way right after surgery; you’re still in recovery mode right now, and your boobs are still healing and not “set” yet. A LOT of breast augmentation patients feel upset right after surgery because it can be an emotional roller coaster ride..

      For many women, it could take up to three or even six months for their breast augmentation to “settle” into their final size. It personally took mine two months to settle into their final look.

      Right now, your chest muscles are all tight like a fist because of your surgery and they’re riding up higher on your chest. Your boobs aren’t going to look this way permanently. As the boobs heal, your muscles will relax, and women often see an increase in size as the muscle relaxes and “releases” the implant that is clenched into your chest right now. The boobs drop a bit into a more natural shape and position on your chest, and they become softer.

      The size increase isn’t gigantic, but it could be enough to change cup sizes. I have a girl friend who got a full cup size increase after three months!

      So my advice is to relax, follow all of your recovery instructions exactly, and let your boobs do their thing. Stress isn’t good for our bodies in general, but especially when we’re trying to heal. So try to relax. You could very well end up loving them in three months when they’re all settled!

      -Grace Gold

      Author of the eBook, The Boob Job Bible: 10 Steps To A Sexy, Safe Breast Augmentation


    At what point are breasts considered big?
    I am currently a small B big A and I am getting a breast augmentation and I want to know when breasts are considered big because I want bigger than that.

    • ANSWER:
      not cool man. yours are good enough, don’t waste money like that, most men like natural and around that size

    Debating on a Breast Augmentation?
    I am a 21 yr. old mom and my breast size is a 32 B– pretty small and similar to a 34 A– My boobs still look great (not saggy, still symetrical) but i feel like they are a tad deflated since my pregnancy ended a year ago. I have talked to a surgeon and i can get implants with no problem. My question is– are bigger boobs really the answer or can i still be hot without them?? I would love to have big breasts, but some men prefer natural or small boobs. I don’t want to make a mistake. I am 5’5, 104 lbs– my measurements are 32,22,36

    • ANSWER:
      I think it should be based on how you feel about yourself, not how others feel. I have 3 friends who have fake boobs, mine are real but I am lucky to have natural D’s that thank goodness they have stayed perky lol!. but those 3 friends are really happy with theirs and have no regrets. I have a few other friends who are natural too but they have like B’s or A’s and they are happy. I don’t think any one person attracts more guys then the other so yeah, decide what you want and go for it.

    Do I need to tell my coworkers that I will be having breast augmentation next month?
    I’ll be having breast augmentation next month. I’ll be taking friday off and returning to work Monday. I don’t really think it’s their business but I know they will know once I show up to work with bigger breast. So should I bring it up or let them talk amongs themselves? I told my manager who is a female, and also like a friend. I work with alot of men, and don’t think I should have to mention it. But at the same time it’s a small office an we all talk. I just want to hear your opinions.

    • ANSWER:
      I’m sure if it were not an issue (despite your comment,”I don’t really think it’s their business”), you would have the surgery, then wear something very subtle and modest when you return on Monday. However, it sounds like you want to ensure the most attention drawn to this procedure upon you and that, not only will you tell your co-workers beforehand, you will most likely be wearing clothing that will accentuate your embellishments on Monday.

    What is your experience with breast augmentation?
    Please…. only people who have had this procedure. I am looking in to it, and I just want to hear some testimonials from people who have “been there, done that”. I’m going for the natural look… not big and bold. =D Anything you can let me know would be fantastic! Thanks so much!!! (Once again, just people who have had the procedure…. thanks!)

    • ANSWER:
      I have not had it but many others on this forum have:

      http://www.breasthealthonline.com there is a section for augmentations.

      Its a great site for research and feedback from others who have had that procedure (as well as tummy tucks and breast reductions and breast reconstructions).

    I had a breast augmentation 4 weeks ago. My left boob is lower so it appears bigger than my right. Basically?
    the right breast hasnt dropped as much as the left so it appears smaller. how long does it take for each breast to fully drop, do you think it will correct itself? it’s a noticeable differenec with no bra on. I was a 32B, i went to a C cup, silicone implants through the aereola.

    • ANSWER:
      You have not given your age. However mild variations in the size of the breasts is normal, and gets adjusted in due course of time when the hormonal levels are stabilized. You may please better wait and watch before taking further decisions.

    fat transfer breast augmentation seems awesome?
    Anyone else agree? Fat is taken from the butt and legs (liposuction) and the fat is transferred to the breasts making them bigger (with a few other steps and technologies involved). Think of it- No implants!

    • ANSWER:
      It sound great, better to use your own body to get bigger boobs (and smaller thighs!) rather than silicone implants

    Getting Breast Augmentation and has two small children? Any advice?
    I am getting a breast augmentation in May as i have nursed both children and need a bit of help as my breasts are small, sagging, wrinkled and small… not going super big just need some help… i have two kids under 3 1/2 and i am looking for any advice or feedback from any other moms who went through this at the same time had small children at home… Thanks

    • ANSWER:

    Question about NHS Breast Augmentation?
    I was wondering if anyone could help me regarding breast augmentations. I do not know the first thing about where to go to talk to about this, and I’m so insecure about this I don’t feel comfortable asking anybody close to me.
    Could I go to my gp and talk to him about it, and if anyone has any experience with this any kind of information would be greatly appreciated. I heard breast augmentations can be carried out free on the NHS, is this the case?
    My breasts are asymmetrical, I really do not care much for a bigger breast size so I would be fine with a breast reduction, plus change in nipple size and realignment.
    Also, I’m 18 years of age, would I be able to go about this without telling anyone? I don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone about this (including my mother or sisters.)

    • ANSWER:

    Breast Augmentation? Please only people who have had it done.?
    I have a few questions about breast augmentation. I really want people who have had it done. Please no rude comments or opionions. Ive asked questions on here before and really hate it when someone says something rude.

    Okay. How long do you have to wait to get surgery after you stop breastfeeding?

    Also I’m 33 and have had 3 children. I’m a small B and the biggest my breast got due to breast feeding was a full C. will I need a lift too. or do you think they will fill out with a D implant?

    and I would like to know. how the breast plants were put in? through the nipple, navel, arm pit or underneath? Does the price range change with any of these and the healing time with them. and If I was to have another child later I wouldn’t breast feed. but I’m wondering if they will be ruined due to pregnancy? I don’t gain weight in my breast area. they stay the same… thanks guys…

    • ANSWER:
      First question….Usually When doing a lift ….filling out with a D helps a lot and prevents removing extra skin….
      Second Question…..Through the nipple actually minimizes scarring so its the most popular procedure type….
      Third question….Prices range differently depending on who does the procedure Doctor wise….
      Healing time Can be about a week to two weeks where you can go back to doing normal things….but the swelling could take up to six months to subside….
      You would not be able to breast feed because of where the implant is placed….
      I also highly recommend checking the website for doctors who are accredited highly in plastic surgery….Definitely do your research…
      No need for having to do it over again because of some other doctors mistake….
      good luck

    can plastic surgeons use fat instead of implants for breast augmentation?
    i dont want fake boobs…i dont even want big boobs…i just want even boobs. so they can either take some out of the bigger one or put some in the smaller one…i dont care if they make me an “a” cup…i just want them to be the same size. lol. so can they use fat?

    • ANSWER:
      ok well i was watching to this tv show on breats cencer and this plastic surgion did this breast thing and it waslike women would rether use their own fat then impants so he took the fat from a girls stomach and somehow made it her boobs..it was a very interesting this to watch he was like its a tummy tuck and breast implants all in one!!i dont no oif that helped but…

    Should I get Breast Augmentation?
    I am 19 years old and my breasts never grew to what I wanted them to be. I am an A and because of that I do get rude comments from other girls. Stating they are better looking becuase they have bigger breasts and from men. This has made my confidence lower. I used to be a big girl but now I am 5’9 115 pounds. And even though I know I am happy with my weight loss and do feel pretty. I can’t get my head out of wanting surgery to boost my confidence. Should I go get surgery or should I just live with what God gave me. My boyfriend doesn’t seem to care, but I just don’t believe him :(

    • ANSWER:
      If it would really help you emotionally yes, but keep in mind it is dangerous and something could go wrong. Your boyfriend is probably right but if he really cares about you he will support you with whatever you choose.

    Shoud I have my breast augmentation surgery and my nose done at the same time?
    I am having both surgeries because I hate my nose and I always have, and I feel like a 12 year old with my chest. I am 27 and have had a baby, so my small chest did not get bigger, but smaller. I want both done this summer because i am a teacher and i have to do things like that in the summer.

    • ANSWER:
      If you doctor is ok with it, it seems better to just go thru one anesthesia and recovery period.

    Girls that have had breast augmentation surgeries that were an A cup or smaller before?
    What were your before and after sizes and do u wish you had gone bigger or smaller or are you happy with your size?

    • ANSWER:

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